Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Keep calm and put family first...

I read a thought provoking article the other day called "Trophy Wife" which talked about a husband who spent all his time on his cars and at car shows.  He would spend every spare minute he had taking care of them and showing them at the shows where he in fact accumulated a HUGE amount of trophies for his work.  The more trophies he got, the more time he spent on his cars trying to win more.  However, when his wife eventually decided to leave him, in a moment of sheer "clarity", as the author puts it, he looked at those trophies and realized they were worthless pieces of junk that had taken his time and attention away from his wife and family.  He put them all in boxes and threw them in the dumpster, vowing to never put anything ahead of God or his family again.  (See the original article on and follow them on Facebook for awesome marriage tips.) 

I love these kinds of articles and whether or not they are written for men or women, you can always find a way to apply it to yourself.  I know plenty of men and women both who put other things and, maybe even more typically, other people above their family and spouse.  I have been guilty of it myself many times during my life and find myself constantly having to put myself back on track.  The difference this one little focus makes in family and especially marriage relationships is unequivocal. 

What I have found through my own experiences and trials in this area is that it really comes down to this... Whatever (or whoever) you invest the majority of your time in is the part of your life that will flourish.  Pick wisely.


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So true! It is not about friends any more, our priority is our family. You are an awesome example of this! I adore you!!!!