Saturday, May 19, 2012

Miss Dee Turned 18...

Dee turned 18... My little baby.  I can hardly believe it!  In our church when you turn 18 you graduate from being in the Young Women's program, which is for 12-18 year olds, to being in the Relief Society program, which is for the "older" young women, (18 and above), like me. ;)  They asked me to do a spotlight on her the week she came in.  I was a little emotional, but I pulled it together to deliver this fun little poem I wrote about her.  Just thought I would share...

DeAnna Michelle,
born March 22nd
was supposed to arrive
on the 8th doctors reckon...
But though to come out
we did try to convince,
she was two weeks late
and she’s been late ever since.
Now way too fast
18 years have gone past
and Young Women’s is done,
to Relief Society she’s come!
So this is a poem
I’ve written for you,
to learn about Dee
so you’ll know her too.
This gal is pretty
easy to please.
Her favorite food?
Macaroni and cheese.
And if she wants
a chocolate treat,
an almond joy
would be hard to beat.
Cake’s a bit harder,
she’ll put up a fuss,
German chocolate with
coconut frostings a must.
Slurpees and sparkling
water to drink.
If you say “pick a color”
she’ll always choose pink!
If shopping happens
to be in her plans,
you can bet your life
you will find her at Fanzz...
If it’s NFL season
she’ll be down with the boyz,
buying t-shirts and jerseys
and Miles Austin toys.
On game day you’ll find her
in red from the U,
'cause this gal refuses
to EVER bleed blue!
And during the NBA
season she has
her blue green and white stuff
supporting the Jazz.
Pirates of the Caribbean
is her favorite movie.
She has two life size cutouts
of Orlando that are groovy.
She writes poems and lyrics,
she’s a musical leader,
though I’m a little ashamed
that she likes Justin Beiber.
Disney princess’s rock,
her favorite is Belle,
but she collects rubber ducks
and stuffed animals as well
She cooks up a storm,
her recipes quite zealous.
Her dad calls her sous chef
but that’s ‘cause he’s jealous
Well now you know almost
the same amount as me,
about the young lady
That most call “Miss Dee”
So open your arms,
give her hugs that are hearty,
and show her, though we’re older,
we still know how to party!

I love you my Dee.  I am so excited for you that you have entered this new stage of your life.  Enjoy every minute of it :)


Ashleigh said...

Awwww!! Happy birthday beautiful Dee!!

Higleys said...

Lovely poem and Fantastic, gorgeous phot. I'm soooooo glad she's gonna be a Ute. Now I know she is perfect;) I can't wait to continue to see the great person she will continue to become.

Kazzy said...

Beautiful face and terrific poem!

Lissa said...

wow, I really can't believe it. is she really 18? what a beautiful girl!

Ioana-Carmen said...

Hy doll! lovely post! what do u say about following each other?:X

Krista said...

I was teary when you read this in RS - Does your talent ever cease?