Friday, March 25, 2011

Earning The Man Card...

On Sunday Mike Jr was running on wet grass and his knee went out from under him... he thought he had "popped it out" which happens quite frequently to him, but this time was different.  He couldn't pop it back in and he could not put any weight on it or stretch it all the way out.  Hubby called the knee specialist that we went to during football season first thing Monday morning and they got him an appointment on Tuesday morning.  (Dee's bday.)  I was thinking they would throw him on crutches for a few days like last time and he would be fine. WRONG!

Mike called me from the doctors office to tell me they were going to be taking him in for surgery the next morning.  He had a torn meniscus and possibly a torn ACL.  They would know better when they scoped it before the surgery.  My heart literally went in to the pit of my stomach.  Surgery?  My little boy?  Under anesthesia?  I have to admit I was more than a little panicked.

The rest of the day was a bit of a blur.  I was on the phone a lot with hospital staff and insurance etc getting him pre-registered and getting instructions.  All the paperwork and phone interviews which included stuff on living wills and DNR's and such was not helping to calm my nerves at all.  I felt sick to my stomach.  Thank heavens for priesthood blessings.  Once Hubby and my Dad had given Mike Jr a blessing, I started to feel a little bit better.

I felt awful that this was all happening on Dee's bday, and hope that we can give her a bit of a do-over on some aspects of the day.  (When I told her that, she asked me if that included a do-over on the check we gave her... no Dee, it does not!)  We did get out to eat dinner and Dee got to spend some money at the mall.  But the celebration will definitely have to be continued this weekend a bit.

Wednesday morning we had to be at the Eccles Outpatient Center at Murray Hospital at 10:15am.  It was a long night and none of us got much sleep, however, Mike was very, very calm and in good spirits.  If any of you know him, you know he and his best friend Tristan frequently make what we call "Herbert" sounds.  Well, he kept doing this around all the staff and the nurses and I was so embarrassed and just hoped they weren't paying him much mind.  They all absolutely loved him though and he had everyone cracking up.

It was a long wait in pre-op, (thus the camera phone pics by dad), but we had a private room to wait in with Mike so that was nice.  We met the anesthesiologist and he was a pretty funny/quirky guy.  (Mike told us after the surgery that the guy gave him the anesthesia while singing "I feel good" to him while he fell asleep.)  The doctor came in and went over everything with us again and calmed our nerves.  They finally took him back to the operating room about 12:15. 

Meanwhile, we were put in another private waiting room with a T.V., phone, desk area and comfy chairs.  They also had all kinds of drinks and sodas and crackers for us during our wait.  I was so impressed with how we were treated at this facility.  While Mike was in surgery they even called in to our room from the operating room to let us know his ACL was fine and they would just be repairing the meniscus.  Really, we could not have asked for better staff and I was so thankful.

They came and got us just before he woke up and put us in a post-op area so we were waiting for him when he came out.  I cannot adequately put in to words my relief when I saw them wheel him in.  I will just say that I am a big baby.  (Sniff, sniff.)  He looked totally out of it, but he was awake and he was sipping on water and eating crackers which shocked me because they said he would not have an appetite at all and had even given us a prescription for anti-nausea medication.  However, apparently the first thing he said when he woke up was "I am STARVING!  Can I get something to eat?"  Several of the nurses told me how adorable and cute he was.  I dread to think what he was saying and doing back there.  I'll just say that he is not shy... that is for sure!

(It's tradition that they have to have a "bean-dip" pic EVERYWHERE!)

I was surprised to see him in a full leg brace from thigh to ankle and his knee looked HUGE under all the bandages.  Everyone who had talked to me about the surgery had told me that it was not a big deal and that he would be up and around within a week or two and it was a pretty quick recovery.  However, they told me that Michael will be in the full leg brace and on crutches (non-weight bearing), for a month and then he will have physical therapy after that. 

The doctor explained to me that the most common meniscus tear is fixed by trimming the meniscus at the tear and those kinds of tears tend to heal quicker and you can weight bear very quickly after the surgery.  However, Mike's meniscus had torn and flipped which is why he had no range of motion at all.  They did a complete repair on it and stitched it up so while this means the recovery is longer and possibly harder, in the long run, he still has his entire meniscus and this will be a very good thing for him. 

The past two days have been very rough for the guy, but he is doing so much better today.  (He has totally earned his man card with the way he has dealt with the pain.)  We had a follow up visit this morning and of course Mike Jr had to take lots of pics when they took the dressing off... boys are so gross that way.  So for those of you who did not receive this pic via text... here ya go... didn't want you to feel left out. :)

I just wanted to thank everyone who has come by and visited or dropped off treats.  And thanks to the lovely lady, (who knows who she is), who brought by a fabulous dinner even though we told her not too... I really appreciated it. ♥

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Dee!!!

March 22, 1994 seems like an eternity ago. I was only 21 years old at the time and I was on the way to Shady Grove Hospital in Gaithersburg to give birth to my first baby. I was two weeks late, (what is it about my kids and being late?), and so I had been brought in to be induced.

Would it be a boy or a girl? We didn't know. The baby had been way modest through both sonograms keeping it's legs crossed, so it was going to be a surprise. We had a list of six girls names and six boys names but as soon as she came out we both knew she was our "DeAnna".

There are so many things I love/make me laugh about DeAnna. Here are a few of them:

  • She is in EVERY way a drama queen. I love to watch her perform on stage. She has no fear whatsoever... but she "performs" quite frequently at home too. Give it up girl... I know every trick in the book. ;)
  • She always says "I love you" at least three times on the phone before she hangs up with you.
  • She is a total girly girl. I don't know how she can be my daughter. She has purses, shoes and nail polish for every outfit.
  • Even though she is a girly girl, she LOVES sports. Especially football. In fact, I would say she is the biggest football fan in the house... and anyone who knows her Dad knows that is saying something!
  • She works hard to act like nothing bothers her... no matter how hard we to try to get under her skin.
  • She cooks dinner for me quite frequently... and lots of treats too. What mother wouldn't love that?
  • She is a hard worker and gets amazing grades... even if she hands in ten assignments just before the end of the quarter to bring her grade up.
  • If you kiss her on one cheek or touch one arm she insists you do it the other side too. How quirky... it makes me laugh.
  • She hates lotion... to the point where I have to go in late at night and rub it on her hands while she is sleeping to help heal her dry skin.
  • She has it down to a fine science how to work her brother up and she excels at it on a daily basis!
  • She has amazing musical talent... she plays the piano and sings every day. (She also plays the flute although to my chagrin she never practices anymore.)
  • She is for the most part pretty responsible and she has never done anything to break my trust... that I know of!!!
I cannot believe my little baby girl is 17 years old. It seems just like yesterday that she...

...was born sunburned at the pool

...started posing

...began walking

...puddle jumped with Nana in the rain

...hated Santa

...started kindergarten

...had her first piano recital

...made her first loaf of bread baptized her ears pierced

...was bridesmaid for her Auntie Jenna

...sang in her first professional choir

...I just thought this was funny

...went to girls camp... finally!

...started making dinner for us

...still posing!

... went to the Cowboys training camp

...grew up way too fast. :(


You have turned into a beautiful
young woman and we love you :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Small Successes Make All The Difference...

I have been struggling the past couple of years trying to lose weight.  After over a year of the weight creeping on no matter what I did, I signed up for my works weight loss challenge.  Nothing budged.  I cut back to three meals a day, no snacks at all... nothing budged.  I spent the entire summer getting up at 4:30 in the morning to do Zumba and ate salad, whole grains and lean meat, even when we were on vacation... still nothing budged. 

Frustrated and depressed about the lack of progress I was seeing, I prayed for help to know what I was doing wrong and made an appointment with my Doctor.  She ordered full blood work including thyroid, cholesterol, all that good stuff.  A few days later I got a call to come in.  I had become famous, but not in a good way.  My triglycerides were the highest anyone in the office had EVER seen.  (The number was so high they thought there had been a mistake and an extra digit had been added.)  But other than high cholesterol, which I have never had in my entire life, everything was normal.

I felt more frustrated and felt like everyone thought I was crazy.  However, I had this nagging feeling that I needed to do some research on the different medications that I had been put on a couple of years back.  Bingo.  I found information on the Mayo Clinic website about one of my medications having a possible side effect of weight gain and high cholesterol. It turns out this particular medication can slow down the production of leptin which controls appetite and fat storage and regulates metabolism.  

When I went to the Dr to discuss my results, I took in the research I had found and had them switch me off the medication.  (This was about four weeks ago.)  The first week of the transition from the old meds to the new meds was absolutely horrible as the old medication has very strong withdrawal effects including dizziness, nausea, severe sensitivity to light and sound and what I can only explain as "head zaps".  (It feels like electric shocks going through my head.)  However, I got through that first couple of weeks ok and even lost three pounds.  A small success! :)

The mere fact that the scale had moved even just three pounds motivated me to get back on track to try and drop some serious weight.  I joined Weight Watchers Online two weeks ago and have already lost a total of 11 pounds.  I go back to get my blood re-tested for Cholesterol this next week and I am anxious to see if things are changing.  I expect changes will be slow, as it can take up to 6 months to get the old medication completely out of my system, but I am so excited to be starting this journey to "finding me" again.  "Me" would like to stop feeling like I'm always the largest person in the room.  "Me" wants to walk, swim and play basketball.  "Me" wants to enjoy shopping for clothes.  "Me" wants to be able to look in the mirror and not fall to pieces because I cannot find ONE thing about my body that I like. 

Dee also decided to do WW with me.  I have been so grateful to have a friend to do it with because it makes it so much easier.  She has lost 15 pounds already and together we are LOVING it.  It is based on a point system and the point values for foods are calculated by entering fat, carbs, protein and fiber.  It has been absolutely eye opening for us to track every thing we eat and see what foods process in our bodies easier.  WW is also really good in the way that you can eat any fruit and most vegetables for no points, so that is a great snack any time you feel hungry.  Also, they give you 49 splurge points weekly on top of your daily points allowance, so you can have a splurge day and eat out with friends and not feel guilty and still lose weight. Basically you choose what you eat every day... you can have that slice of pizza or that burger... but when you are out of points you are out of points, so you learn to eat more wisely and spend your points on things that are more filling and healthy.  I feel like this is something I can stick to because nothing is off limits and I never feel deprived.

If any of you out there are on Weight Watchers Online, let me know your screen name, I would love to buddy up!  Mine is PetraCollins.  (I know, super original.)  Here's to small successes! :)