Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Avo"carb"o Burger...

I frequently tell my husband that talking to him is like talking to a brick wall.  I have to repeat things ten times because he just doesn't listen to me the first time.  Good thing I love him so much.  Case in point. 

He recently went to pick up food for us at Carl's Jr.  He asked me what I wanted and I told him "a guacamole bacon burger please".  I had been craving it for two weeks as we have been trying to be good and eat healthier meals at home.  It is my absolute favorite burger anywhere.  I made sure I repeated it at least twice more before he went, knowing that... well, talking to him is sometimes like talking to a brick wall.  I even asked if he wanted me to write it down for him!  "No, no... I got it", was his reply... just like usual ;)

About 25 mins later he comes home and I hear him mutter "oh my gosh" under his breath as he puts our burgers on plates so we can watch a movie together.  He then says... "They got your burger wrong!" 

"Oh, it's fine... what is it?"  I answer, trying not to sound disappointed.  "It says "low carb" on it", he informs me as he hands me a burger with ketchup, cheese and what looks like a WHOLE head of lettuce on a wheat bun.  To say it looks pretty gross is an understatement.  But I smile and take it and say "don't worry about it... I can eat it." 

Crap, it tastes even worse than it looks.  All I can think of is that I would rather they hadn't given me a bun that put that burger on this yucky wheat one.  I take off most of the lettuce, smother the burger in honey mustard hoping that it will help give it some flavor and swallow.  Eww.  Thank heavens there are fries with this.

As I continue to force the burger down my throat he tells me that the burger actually didn't come with a bun.  It was just wrapped in lettuce.  (Ha, that explains the WHOLE head of the stuff.)  Turns out he gave me his bun.  Bless his heart.  I almost die laughing and tell him what I was just thinking about the bun and we have a good giggle over it together.

"So what exactly did you order me?"  I asked, sensing that there may be more to this than meets the eye.  "The avocado burger just like you told me" he replies.  "Uh, they don't do an avocado burger sweetie.  It's called a guacamole bacon burger." 

At this point my guess is the lady at the drive through heard avoCARBo burger and gave me the low carb one instead.  Ah, my sweet, funny husband.  Needless to say I got a surprise guacamole bacon burger brought home this week from my honey. :)  I don't think he will EVER get that order wrong again. :)


Denise said...

This sounds like my life! To his credit, when you asked him what he ordered and he said the avocado burger, I thought he got it right for a second. Even though you wrote guacamole at least two times earlier. Maybe, for some of us, guacamole = avocado. (It's still no excuse though!)

Kazzy said...

Carl's Jr has the absolute best fast food burgers around. I miss them terribly. No fast food for me since July.

Man, now I am hungry.

R Clan said...

Laughing about this all over again. That is way too funny. At least he made up for it later. lol

ailinh harris said...

Oh that is too funny. Definitely got a few chuckles and snorts from me here and there. Good thing there are second chances right!

Tammy said...

that is so classic...but how sweet that he tried to make it up to you by giving you his (nasty) bun! super funny!!