Friday, January 28, 2011

A Ladies Night Out For My Neighborhood Friends???

So I was blog hopping today and found the cutest idea!  A Relief Society in England made these cute little "Date Jars"  and I thought... I would like to make one of these for those nights me and hot hubby can't figure out what we want to do together!  They even had a master list of ideas.  Some of them included writing a poem for each other, doing yoga, go to a store with a budget of $5 each for each other and see what you can come up with, go swimming, draw a caricature of each other, have a carpet picnic, go to the nearest park and swing on the swings, make a cake together, make cookies for neighbors, do a "pay it forward" to someone, watch an old movie... there are TONS of fun ideas.

So here's what I want to do.  If anyone else wants to come over and make one with me, I'm going to make it Tuesday night (February 1st) at 7:30pm.  If you want to join me, all you need to do is bring a jar and a pair of scissors... it can be any jar that you like, any size that you like.  I will print out the ideas that they gave in their master list for us, plus we can brainstorm some other ideas and add them.  I'll even make a treat.  Then we can just cut our strips and put them in the jars.  Any neighborhood buddies interested?  It could be a fun ladies night out and a fun thing to have for February since it is Valentines month. :)  Just let me know ahead of time so I make enough copies!

Thanks Suzie for the cute idea! :)


Jane said...

Sounds fun! I will let you know if I can come, I would love that.

R Clan said...

I will be there for sure. ;)

Joni said...

Yes, I would love to come, I need a night out and Tuesdays are perfect, thanks!