Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year!

I HATE resolutions... why?  Because I never keep to them.  I do really well for the first few weeks, and then POOF... I forget about them/give up on them/ignore them.  That being said, each year I feel it is my duty to at least take a look at my life and assess what things should be most important in my life. 

This year I have evaluated my life once again and instead of setting goals, here are the areas that I want to improve on in 2011...
  1. Immersing myself in the Gospel... serving more, being focused on the little things... FHE, prayer, scripture study, going to the temple frequently and being more charitable.
  2. My Family... taking more time to be with them and do things with them, making sure they are taken care of and know that they are loved.  Be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister.
  3. My Home... making it feel more like a peace of Heaven.  Finishing up projects we have going on.
  4. Friends... cultivating the relationships I already have with people and making new friends too.
  5. Myself... improving my physical health with better eating habits and exercise, using/expanding talents.
What about you... done any soul searching the start of this new year?


Missy said...

Good goals! I have been working on creating a home of refuge for my family, so we are on the same boat!

Jaimie said...

These are pretty good ones dearie.. i know you can do it this year! I'm definitely joining you on #5 !! :)

Ross said...

Great post! Even better blog! Plan on coming back to read more of your posts.

MaryBeth said...

I only have two for this year...read the Ensign cover to cover every month and run a 1/2 marathon in June. I hurt just thinking about it, lol!

Anonymous said...

its sad, I break them every year, so I no longer make resolutions :( Trying to run, but sadly that one is in the process of breaking as we speak!

Stephanie Rempe said...

Found you from the blog hop - love your blog! I hate resolutions too, but have been thinking of making one of those lists like i see on everyone's blogs! I'm following you and I'd love a follow back!
-Stephanie www.bentofabulous.com