Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Mike Jr!

Where were you on October 1st, 1996?

I can tell you exactly where I was! I was in Holy Cross Hospital giving birth to my second (and last) adorable child, Michael Paul Collins Jr. (He didn't actually get that name till a couple of days later, since his Dad and I couldn't agree on it. Dad won... as usual.)

Michael was TWO weeks late. What made it even worse is that he was born in a completely different month from when he was due. (Talk about killing a pregnant woman's morale!) We tried everything to get him to come. Some are unmentionable, but the ones I can talk about include my husband driving me over pot holes all the way to Washington DC, and my husband making me walk around Brookside Gardens several times. DeAnna even joined in the effort by taking off down the sidewalk EVERY time we walked outside so that I had to run (or waddle) after her! Nothing worked. He came out in his own due time, and he has been doing the same thing ever since! (The boy moves slower than molasses.)

There are so many things I love/make me laugh about Mike. Here are a few of them:

  • He always has something funny to say and he does the funniest impressions of people...

  • He isn't afraid to give me hugs and kisses... even if his friends are around! He even announces quite loudly that he loves me when he leaves the house or car.

  • He'll squeal on anything or anybody for a quarter.

  • He completely rearranges his room every week

  • If he knows I will say no, he will skip me and go straight to Dad.

  • He takes just enough time to eat his dinner so that the dishes are already done by the time he is finished.

  • He has never done anything to have me called into school by teachers or principals. (Knock on wood.)

  • He'll volunteer to say family prayer if Dad assigns me or himself. (Apparently ours are too long.)

  • He always apologizes for anything he has said/done during the day that he doesn't feel right about just before he gets a goodnight kiss.

  • To him, everything that happens in his life is DeAnna's fault. :)
I cannot believe that my youngest child... my little baby... has just turned 14. He becomes a teacher, (Phew!) And I cannot imagine him and his friends at church dances.  I apologize now to all the YW.

It seems like just yesterday that he was;
Making his grand entrance into the world

Showing us his first smile
Starting to crawl

Chewing on his pacifier

Taking his first steps
Going to kindergarten
Making happy trees with the snow

I just like this one :)
Losing his teeth
Getting baptized
Learning to swim daddy's way
Learning to play drums
Becoming a boy scout

Joining the football team
Meeting his best bud Tristan


You've changed so much over the years,
but one thing always remains the same!

We love you :)


Tina (Book Couture) said...


Just wanted to let you know that I've given you an award at my blog, for being absolutely amazing!


Higleys said...

Love it. On that day I had just moved to Provo and was crashing with Jenna. You have a very sweet young man there. How does he dance though? :)
Oh and is everything his fault with Miss Dee?

Denise said...

So sweet. He sounds really cool. I just hope that he didn't meet his friend exactly in the picture. If so, I can tell they are full of havoc! Happy birthday!

Joni said...

What a sweet mom you are and what a good kid Mike Jr. is! Love the old pictures once again.

Kim - A Creative Spirit said...

How wonderful to look back at all the LOVE moments... thanks for sharing his journey....

Kimberly said...

What an awesome tribute!

And I was attending my first year of university and being COMPLETELY overwhelmed.

Karen said...

Great photos and great son :)

Matty said...

Michael sounds like a great kid. You're both obviously doing something right. Happy Birthday for him.