Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Hot Hubby!!!

I figured I would dedicate today’s post to my BFF. I never really had many BFF’s. I had one or two “best friends” in Elementary school, but I quickly figured out that it was much better to just have a group of friends than to dedicate yourself completely to one good friend. Once I got in to high school I was more friends with boys than with girls... mostly because I only ever trusted a handful of girls.

Now the problem with having mostly boys as friends is that at some point, you either have to marry them, or they marry someone else and you pretty much have to stop being friends. No way I was gonna let that happen to me, so I went ahead and married mine. This year we will have been BFF’s for about 20 years… and married for just over 18. Now just because we have been BFF’s for all those years does not mean we haven’t had our share of struggles… but being BFF’s is about working through things, and letting the friendship prevail in the end.

So what makes a good BFF? Yes, there are the standard answers… always be there for each other, put each other’s needs first, blah blah blah. Here are the top ten real-life reasons my hubby is my BFF.
  • He will let me vent to him… even if it is in bed… at 12:30am… and he won’t go to sleep until he is satisfied I have said everything I need to say.
  • He will hold the trash can for me if I’m puking…
  • He does more than his fair share of the cleaning.
  • He’ll miss a football game to take me to see my mom and dad.
  • He always backs me up in front of the kids… even if he doesn’t agree with me.
  • He will go out at Midnight to pick me up any newly released book he knows I want to read even though he knows he may be standing in line for an hour with a thousand obnoxious, screaming women.
  • He will massage out any kink in my back, no problem, any time.
  • He isn’t afraid to buy me "women products"… (and doesn’t even care if they price check).
  • He will be completely honest with me if I ask him how something looks.
  • He takes me out at LEAST once a week… just us.
Today is my BFF's birthday, so...
Yes, it is true you are an old fart, and you are now TWO years older than me (at least for the next two months), but I love you and hope to celebrate MANY more birthday's with you... now and forever more!
Sept 27, 1971

What a cutie!

Always a Dallas Cowboys fan.

Outdoor Ed


Dating... what a lucky guy!! ;)

Baptism Day

Wedding Day

Becoming a daddy

Forcing the kids to be Cowboys fans.

Becoming a daddy... again!

Disney World 2000... with his FAVORITE Disney princess

Universal studios 2002

Daytona Beach 2006

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp 2010...
and just as handsome as the day I met him :)


R Clan said...

I don't know whether to say "How Sweet" or "Someone, please grab me a bucket so I can Puke." ;) I think you guys are great. I have told you on many different occasions how much I admire your relationship. You guys are great.

Happy Birthday Mike. What a cute little baby. ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday !!! Yay ! Enjoying looking at all your pictures ! What a beautiful family :)

Noelle said...

Happy Birthday to your BFF!!!

hdknowles said...

Oh my - love the photos and happy birthday to Mike, but you brought back memories of you with your big hair! Didn't he grow up in Maryland - I'm still trying to figure out the Dallas connection.

Kimberly said...

Sounds like a keeper all right! Belonging to the Good Husband Club ROCKS!

Higleys said...

Happy Birthday Mike. I think you reasons for BFF are awesome. 1 year to go for the big 4-0.

Higleys said...

Happy Birthday Mike. I think you reasons for BFF are awesome. 1 year to go for the big 4-0.

Simply Me said...

Loved this post ..reminds me of this quote , " Being married to someone you love is like finding a special person you can annoy for the rest of your life " ..
Its a great feeling to be married to someone who's been your BFF like forever ..Happy Birthday to your hubby and God bless you both !!

Joni said...

I loved seeing the pictures! 20 years of friendship, how sweet. Happy Birthday!

Jenn said...

Thanks for stopping by! I'm following you back. Happy birthday to your hubby!


Terry said...

What great pictures... Sounds like you have a great Hubs..... Hope he had a Wonderful Birthday.

I am a new follower from Boost your blog Friday. I would appreciate it if you could stop over and check me out, possibly follow me back.

I am giving a Halloween Apron away to one of my followers 10/5.

Epic Savings said...

Hi there! Great blog! I'm your newest follower from the blog hop! You can visit me at

Cindy said...

Love the hair!

Kate said...

Fantastic post! I love it when wives brag about their men :-)

Hope yours had a wonderful birthday!

Matty said...

Yikes, a Cowboys fan. Go eagles. LOL

Happy belated birthday.