Friday, July 2, 2010

I Did It...

I called my husband and sang him an impromptu song that I made up as I went a long.  I decided on a humorous, dramatic, hokey song... like something you would hear on stage at a funny play.  I was kinda hoping it would go to voice mail, but he did actually pick up.  The song went like this:

Because I love you, I’ll sit and rub your feet
Because I love you, I’ll give you all the sheet
Because I love you, I’ll let you drive my car
Because I love you, I won’t yell when you fart

Because I love you, I’ll let you watch TV
Because I love you, I’ll make you warm cookies
Because I love you, I’ll buy your favorite treat
Because I love you, I’ll save you the best seat

Because I love you, I’ll do just anything
Because I love you, you make my heart sing
Because I love you, I wrote this song for you
Because I love you, Because I love you!

We were both cracking up by the end of it and although I felt pretty stupid, it was a TON of fun.  Needless to say he LOVED it.  He then asked me for a copy so I wrote it down real quick.  About 15 minutes later he called me and played me "High Enough" by the Damn Yankees off the radio through the phone.  It used to be one of our songs we loved while we were dating.  Ah, love. :)
Come on, it is easier than you think... don't be proud, just do it!


stash mama said...

Yay! I am totally following your blog now! I would looove a follow back ;) Stash Mama aww sweet song bet he loved it~!

AlyGatr said...

How funny! I love that you could make that up on the fly. I seriously suck at rhyme. When I was a creative writing major in my undergrad I purposely wrote free verse because...say it with me...I suck at rhyming! High Enough....ah the memories. I'm busting out the iPod right NOW!

Ruthanne said...

You guys are too cute! What examples of such love and excitement you have in your marriage.

Henich Family said...

You guys are so amazing. I love that you guys are so in love.

*~Petra~* said...

Honestly, I think we are more examples of how much effort you have to put in to a relationship... lol. Love takes work, but it is worth it. :)

Lauren said...

hilarious!!! LOve your blog ... thanks for particiapting i Friendship Friday and making it so fun!! I hope to see you next friday!!! Stop By anytime!!!


Kimberly said...

My husband has been serenading me with made up songs since we first started dating. How sad that I've never thought of serenading him back? Genius!