Friday, July 9, 2010

For The Love Of Friday...

It's Friday and I'm feeling the need to be romantic again.  (Love this book of ideas.)  Here is the assignment I randomly picked... (You know, open book... point to page.)
Choose one of these assignments.  Complete it in the next week.
  • "Why I love you." Make it into a scroll.  Give it to him with a red ribbon tied around it.
  • "I remember when we first met..." Write it in the style of a romance novel or in another literary style that you prefer.
  • "Ten reasons why I married you." Have it rendered in calligraphy and have it framed.
It's my 18th wedding anniversary on Sunday.  (How old am I!!!)  I think one of these will make the perfect gift.  What about you?  You don't need a reason to do something romantic!  Pick one and do it this week! :)


Erica K said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following back and happy 18th anniversary.

Kimberly said...

I love the ten reasons why I married you idea. I can think of ways it could be sweet and even rather funny. Hope your anniversary is a special one!

Higleys said...

Wow, You've almost been married as long as you were old when you got married, how exciting! I'll be 60 by the time that happens.

Joni said...

Wow, happy anniversary to you guys! I love that you are so in love, what good examples you are to your two kiddies.