Thursday, May 13, 2010

Raising Grass???

I have been stressing out about my grass a little. It just isn't as perfect as it used to be, probably thanks to this cute little gal...

She likes to dig... under the trampoline mostly. (We have a pretty big hole there now.) :(  The grass is also a bit patchier than it used to be.  We fertilized it and it looks a lot better... we bought some patch stuff to take care of the holes and we decided recently that we would just seed it again to make it thicker, but I am still not quite happy with it.

Yesterday I was reading a story in LDS Living magazine while waiting at the dentist and wouldn't you know, a mom was stressing about HER grass too because her two boys were playing outside pretty roughly and it was getting all torn up.  You know what her wise husband said to her?  "Honey, we aren't raising grass, we're raising children!"

I had a good giggle about that as I thought about my stress over our grass recently.  I also thought about all the other things that I over-stress about.  The piles of dishes in the kitchen, the trash that looks like it is about to overflow, the book bags that get left strewn all over the floor... the laundry that sits in the dryer for 2 days after they dried it... hey, the list is endless.  However, I did think yesterday that I need to remember I am raising children, and my home doesn't have to look completely PERFECT all of the time.  The family need not get too excited... this does not mean by any length of a shot that they can just be slobs, but I WILL try to be a little less rigid about it. :)  What about you?  Are you raising grass or children???


Ruthanne said... Fine I get it!

Denise said...

I'm totally raising children. One look at my lawn will tell you that. It may look like a jungle and my neighbors might not love to look at it, but my kids have fun, have experiences and won't be exposed to yucky chemicals. Carpet is for indoors...