Saturday, May 22, 2010

Letters Of Intent...


Dear Waiter At Olive Garden,

Wow, I have never in my entire life had a worse waiter than you!  (And that is saying something.)  You were seriously lucky I have a conscience and feel I should tip everyone.  You were also lucky they didn't ask me how everything was when I left.  I would have told them!

Cold Food Hater

Dear Green/Grey Lexus Driver, license plate 126PAD,

You obviously are not a multi-tasker so please, GET OFF YOUR FREAKIN' PHONE BEFORE YOU GET IN TO YOUR CAR TO DRIVE!!! You swerved over in to my lane and almost smashed in to me because you were yapping on your phone when you decided you needed to turn right at the last minute although you were in the LEFT lane.

Took Everything In Me Not To Give You The Bird

Dear Carbs:

I love you :(

Addicted To Yummy

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hdknowles said...

You should definitely write about the waiter - the best indication of poor service/meal is a smaller than normal tip - but mgmt has the right to know about an employee who isn't pulling their weight - you go Petra.

Foursons said...

Oh no! I love Olive Garden, and would have been mighty upset if I had cold food served to me.

The other day I was switching lanes and almost hit someone who was in my blind spot. I wasn't on the phone though- thank goodness!

Thanks for linking up, so glad to have you join in! I'm gonna go look for some carbs now because suddenly I'm craving them.

R Clan said...

Your letters are so entertaining. I think you were lucky not to get hit by the guy. I think that is what happened to my mil. If you were at Olive Garden with me you probably would have been embarassed because I would have said something.