Friday, May 14, 2010

Letters Of Intent...


Dear Utah Weather:

I really need to plant the flowers and bushes I bought a month ago.  Please could we be done with the cold?  It is May 14th for heavens sake!

Missing Spring

Dear Neighborhood Big Dog Owners:

Could you please be polite enough to clean your freakin' BIG piles of poop off my lawn when your dog is done.  My dog is tiny.  She cannot poop out logs that are as big as her.  I swear if I find out who you are I am gonna collect it and leave it in a pile in front of your door for you to step in.

Sick Of The Crap

Dear Walmart Employees:

Please don't wear a shirt that says "How Can I Help You?"  It is just not right.

Never Been Helped

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Foursons said...

Oh my gosh, I have written a whole post about how I chased down some dog owners with a plastic bag and told them to clean up their dog's poop. They refused of course, but they no longer walk their dogs in front of my house.

Sorry about the cold weather still. We were chilly down here in TX today, but that is very unusual. Normally we are in the 90's at this time of year.

Walmart sucks. Plain and simple.

Thanks for linking up, I'm happy to have you join in!

Higleys said...

I like the Walmart shirt post the best

Joni said...

Love the Walmart comment, it is sooooo true! I want to tell most of the Walmart employees to go over to Chick-fil-A and see how to treat people. They are so not nice at Walmart, most of them anyway. I keep wondering why I go back. I love your Temple Square pictures and the Roof Restaurant is so fun and yummy and special.