Thursday, May 20, 2010

English Chocolate... Another Giveaway :)

I am giving away a Double Decker!

No, not this kind...

My Hubby's Fav... Muwahahaha

Crispy cereal on the bottom,
Soft, chewy nougat on the top,
wrapped in Milk Chocolate.

It's Cadbury's...
So you know it's GOOD!

Super easy to enter...
... just leave me a comment telling me your favorite Chocolate!
(Will ship anywhere in the continental US)

Become a follower and get an extra entry.
Already a follower?  You get an extra entry automatically!

What do you want to bet that hubby enters for this one!!!

Drawing held Tuesday, May 25th, 5pm MST.
Don't be shy :)


Tammy said...

I'm first ! Yay!! EVERY chocolate is my favorite of course, but my very favorites were just given to me for my birthday...Reese's peanut butter cups, frozen and dark chocolate with raspberry filling, frozen...(I like how crispy frozen chocolate is...) I ate all of it in one was a great day! 8 peanut butter cups and 8 raspberry chocolate squares...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

R Clan said...

I must pick a favorite chocolate? Are you kidding me? They all make my mouth smile. I will tell you one of my favorite are the candy bars called CHUNKY. Mmmmmm...They are so good. I also love the Cadbury Mini eggs. Those are some of my favorite.

R Clan said...

Oh....yes...I am a follower. Give me TWO entries please. lol ;)

Joni said...

Mmmm, you are making me hungry.

Another giveaway, I must have missed the first, darn it.

My favorite chocolate is Cadbury Eggs and Caramellos.

hdknowles said...

Sign me up for 2 entries as I'm a follower - now for my favorite chocolate. It is actually Russell Stover's coconut creams (rich dark chocolate over delicious coconut - a totally different taste than a Mounds Bar). Hard to find, but oh so good.

Higleys said...

It depends on the mood. I love Chocolate with Raspberry. Peanut butter Cups or ball are fantastic. Yum to everything

Higleys said...

P.S. I follow

Cindy said...

I am a follower and lover of anything Cadbury so would be excited to win (and share) the Double Decker.