Friday, March 19, 2010

What Does One Do When They Aren't Blogging?

I haven't blogged here in 10 days! Sometimes I worry I spend too much time on the computer and so I make a conscious effort to live life more than I blog life. That has been me the past 10 days. My family had stomach flu for the first three days, but as I was taking care of them all I had time to think and reflect. I had time to write things down... WITH A PEN... and I really enjoyed it. You see, sometimes I am sooooooooooo caught up on the computer that I miss some of the things going on around me. So here are some of the things I enjoyed doing the past 10 days...
  • I actually looked at some real recipe books that had pages
  • I scrapbooked with some super cool ladies
  • I have watched a couple of odd movies with the fam
  • I hand made a couple of cards... yes, me
  • I went to the Library with my son
  • I sat quietly and snuggled with the puppy
  • I accompanied three ladies, (one of which belongs to me), for Women At The Well, which was performed by a group of sisters for our Relief Society
  • I outlined the next 8 chapters of a book
  • I spent a night out with my daughter at Olive Garden, the Middle School play and then shopping while the boys were at a concert
  • I went to dinner with a good friend to celebrate her birthday
  • I have played the piano... A LOT
  • I have watched the fam play with the puppy each and every day and realized how much happiness she has brought in to our home
  • I have read several magazines including Woman's Day, Time & National Geographic
  • I have been to Classic Skating with the YW
  • I have laid on the couch and talked with my hubby for an hour at a time
So even though I haven't blogged other than posting a couple of coupons on my other site, my life has been full and I have to admit, it has been wonderful. :)


Ruthanne said...

Well, you are wonderful and deserve to have down time. :) So, next time you complain about my blog not being updated, just remember I am enjoying life! LOL

hdknowles said...

We miss hearing from you, though.

Joni said...

Good for you! Sounds like you had a great 10 days!

Higleys said...

I wanna know more about the book.

Karen said...

Sometimes a little time off is good...