Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happiness Project... ♣ March ♣

Did February seem very short to you? I mean, I know it is the shortest month of the year, but sheesh! That flew. I did pretty good with my goals. I made lots of extra efforts in the "♥" category. I spent a lot more time with my fam, (as can be evidenced by my reduction in blogging and facebook activity), and you know what? It was awesome!

Hubby & I did quite a few things together... a couple of dinners out and I even met him for a late lunch one day where we ran in to D-Will from the Utah Jazz. We also did a couple of shopping trips together including buying the kids something nice for Valentines day.
I spent time with both the kids. DeAnna is easy because she just likes to go clothes shopping ALL THE TIME and Dad won't take her, so I do. We never lack for Mother-Daughter time. Mike is a little more difficult, (though he remains my snuggle buddy on the couch), but one day that Dee stayed after school, he and I did a little Walmart trip together because HE wanted too and it was good fun.
We visited Nana and Pops for an evening (she had been reminding me that we hadn't visited her house since New Years!) I also met Nana at Costco after work one day to just hang out. I spent quite a bit time with one of my sisters... scrap booking, weekly lunches at work and a couple of random walking the dog to her house trips. I have texted my nieces on a couple of occasions to check in with them. We even went as a family to the Salt Lake temple with Nana, Pops and three of Carole's kids to do baptisms.
We have more family fun planned for the next month already, so I am excited. This week Mike and I are going to my Mum & Dads to work on Genealogy for our date night on Friday. Jenna and I now have a standing lunch date on Tuesday's. Now if my other sister will just come over when she is invited! (Yes, Carole, that is a hint to YOU!)
For March, I originally chose saving money as my focus. Well, I have changed my mind... I am pretty frugal minded already, (see my other blog, ), and I have been really feeling the need to get more organized... so I am focusing on organization this month... specifically, my home and family.
This is one of my favorite scriptures, and one I always think of when I think of my home and family:

(Cute graphic from )
So with that in mind, here are my goals for this month:
  • Family Prayer & Family Scripture Study every morning/night (we are great at prayer, not so great at SS)
  • Fast for help in making our home a place of peace and love
  • Have Mike bless/dedicate our home (we haven't done that yet since moving in)
  • Make house cleaning more of a family effort... ie, spend time TOGETHER doing it. (Put on music, have a treat after... make it fun!)
  • Spend 2 hours each Saturday Morning in my basement sorting, clearing and preparing it so we can get someone in to drywall and paint it. I want the basement finished! (Not this month necessarily, but I want to start getting it ready.)
  • Steam Clean the carpets... they need it and I already bought a super steam cleaner!
  • Make a list of things that need doing that I can work through as I find myself with an extra few minutes
  • Everything a home and everything in it's place... everything else out the door!!!!!
  • Menu plan each week so I'm not scrounging for meals last minute
What is your focus for this month and what have you set as goals? Leave me a comment!


Higleys said...

I like your goals. Let me know how your steam cleaner works we are planning to buy one after we research it.

Denise said...

Great goals. I could work on every one of them...

R Clan said...

So really, are you trying to put me to shame or what? ;) I'm just going to crawl into my little hole now.

Mom said...

Hey Petra. It is so good to be reminded of the Joyce Family Goal programs. What wonderful memories. Thanks for the challenge. My goal this month is to do laundry more frequently so it doesn't become an all morning project.
Love ya

Karen said...

We are working on a lot of the same things this month! I love your "everything in its place, everything else out the door!!!" I think I'll add that. Cleaning together and trying to make it fun is a great idea also. Here are mine: