Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happiness Project... ♥ February ♥

January has come and gone. Really? Can you believe it? We are a twelfth of the way through the year already! I think the older you get, the quicker time goes by... at least it seems that way to me.

My January focus was Health/Fitness/Beauty. I had a fun month and did some things that I wouldn't normally do... I spent a lot of time on the Wii Fit, tried to eat healthier, said no a lot more to treats than I usually do, painted my nails all kinds of wild colors to try and make them prettier... but there is so much more I need to do. For example, a very good friend of mine lent me the Slim In Six DVD. I almost DIED doing this!!! I seriously couldn't walk for like three days afterwards, and stairs??? I whimpered all the way up and down them. So I gave up on that way too quickly. I need to do other exercise other than just the Wii and I need to be less lazy and stop eating out so much and be better at cooking dinner. Anyway, that is why I picked this as my focus for January, because I have to keep on focusing on it the whoooooooooooole year. :)

So February is the month of Valentines and so I picked LOVE as my focus for this month. (As in improving relationships.) I am guilty of spending way too much time wrapped up in frivolous things... especially on the computer... like facebook and yes, even blogging and blog stalking. When I think about what I really want in life, it doesn't include being a virtual farmer or the high scorer on bejeweled blitz. And it certainly doesn't include me spending hours reading and commenting on the blogs of people I don't even know! I really want to be a good wife, a good mother, a good daughter, a good sister... and all of these things require nurturing relationships... the most important relationships... people I do know and love. They deserve the best of me. So here are some of my ideas on things I can do for this month:
  • Have a date night with my hubby every week... one of those weeks at the Temple. (This is actually quite easy for us since my kids are old enough to take care of themselves.)
  • Consciously think of little ways to make my hubby feel special each day. Make an effort to greet him when he comes through the door each night
  • Have a mother/daughter date and a mother/son date at least once this month. (Mike Sr can take the other one out each time for father/child time.)
  • Try to keep calm and keep my voice down when the kids are arguing or being ornery... only yelling if there is a fire! :)
  • Plan a family day trip for one day this month.
  • Have my mom and dad over for dinner once and go to their house to have a genealogy night.
  • Temple Baptisms with all the extended family on Feb 12th at the Salt Lake Temple.
  • Lunch with my two sisters who live in Utah once this month.
  • Some kind of contact with my Brother & Sister who live in England this month, whether by phone, email, or letter.

Well there it is. I have also been considering closing down my Frugalityville blog since maintaining a second blog is simply time draining and that is more time away from my fam. My thought is to just post "Frugal Friday's" here on my personal blog where I can post the coupons, Smith's deals and other tips I have. I haven't made a final decision about this though...

What is your focus for February? If you post, leave me a comment with a link so I can come visit. :)


Ruthanne said...

Awesome! But now you will restart Slim in 6. Right? ;) Plus, I don't see any time in there for me! What's up with that? jk It's good to be close with family and do activities with them. I will be working on my Spirituality this month. It needs some major repairing. :)

Higleys said...

Good job, fitness is my feb.

Denise said...

I might have to steal all of your Feb. goals in July when this is my focus. Thank heavens you are giving up farmville. All of the cow and pig noises coming from the computer room when we were home for Christmas kind of unnerved me!

What are your thoughts on the Wii Fit. I've been trying to get my hands on one but they are sold out EVERYWHERE. That is what I planned to do for my fitness. Should I spend the money on it? It sounds like it isn't very intense.

hdknowles said...

So, I find the virtual farm another stress reliever, and since I cannot access it at work, it's a nice way to wind down in the evening. I only stalk the blogs of those I know (and thanks for the info about changing the look of a blog. I just tried something very simple last night and was very proud of myself. Now I see all your suggestions and I might have to start over again. Maybe it's something to do this weekend after the 24"+ of snow arrives. See what you are missing not being in MD? We had 6" today.

*~Petra~* said...

Ruthanne... I am thinking about it! Denise, I love the Wii Fit. There are ALL levels of workouts you can buy... And I much prefer my kids be up and playing that than the other systems we have in the house. Helen, I love all the things I mentioned... farming, blog stalking, playing bejeweled blitz... I am just not very good at controlling how much time I spend on each. :(

Karen said...

That sounds great. I am working on doing things with my kids. I didn't post about till almost half way through the month though...