Wednesday, November 25, 2009

You know you are getting old when...

  • Lifting a frozen turkey into your cart seems like a good workout
  • People notice when you wear purple eyeliner
  • Shaving your legs becomes a once in a while thing
  • Your mom shares a video of you as a teen and then proceeds to tell you the video is 21 years old
  • You take ibuprofen with your vitamins every day
  • Your sink has eye cream, wrinkle serum AND moisturizer on it
  • Unless you are wearing make-up, you look like a raccoon
  • You have to limit your liquid intake at night
  • Bed time is before 10pm
  • You consider 7am sleeping in
  • Your kids think it is funny that there was no Internet or cell phones when you were their age
  • Your daughter begs to text for you because you are too slow
  • You are checking the amount of fiber in everything you buy
  • Your purse looks like a pharmacy exploded in it
  • You buy face powder that has "botafirm" in it
  • You have to do your roots every 2 weeks to cover the WHITE
  • You can only count three couples in the whole ward that are older than you
  • Your birthday seems more of a commiseration rather than a celebration


Denise said...

The only reason that you are the "old" ones in your ward is because you live in Utah. Here is my most recent revelation: You realize that your doctor just might be younger than you.

Higleys said...

How about kids calling you Ma'am and you don't even flinch. True on the Utah comment, Here in Florida "aka God's waiting room" I'm almost in the middle, even on the younger side. However most of Ben's friends parents are my Junior by nearly 10 years.

Rudy Rukus said...

That is hilarious!!! Just because my kids are young doesn't mean I am!! And besides that this ward is WAY young. Jeff and I say we are the grandparents of the ward haha!!

R Clan said...

I swear we have counted more than three couples older than you. Come on now. I have at LEAST come up with four.

Tammy said...

Man, I didn't feel old til I read that@!!

Karen said...

Like Denise's doctor, my dentist is younger than me and for the first time ever, this year, my boss is younger than me! Totally funny list :)