Friday, October 16, 2009

Bubble bubble toil & trouble...

This week we took a trip over to Gardner Village with our good friends the Hottons and our adopted daughter K-la to see the witches. If you have never been, you should definitely take your kids. It's not scary, it's just fun. The witches are everywhere, and it makes for some adorable Halloween pictures. :)

I could have seriously walked around there for hours and just enjoyed the atmosphere. Hopefully we will get to go back again before Halloween is over. As much as I protested, I was really happy that we finally got a pic with both of our complete families (above, center) thanks to a stranger who offered to take it for us. (A couple of us had eyes closed... maybe we all have our eyes open in Ruthy's.)

Afterwards we went to Maceys to clean out their soft serve ice cream machine, much to the disappointment of the line of customers behind us! Good friends at good locations = good times! :)


Higleys said...

Another reason to want to move back

R Clan said...

You need to send me all these pictures. Yours are awesome.