Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Nightmare On (A) Maple Street...

3am I woke up to a horrible charley horse in my leg but I have never been so grateful for a twisted muscle. I was having a horrible nightmare. It wasn't the gory, dying, death kind of nightmare... It was the "my husband doesn't love me any more and there is nothing I can do about it" nightmare.

Have you ever had one of those? They are horrible! I wake up totally sad and my heart literally hurts!

Anyway, since I was practically screaming from the charley horse, Mike woke up too to massage the cramp out. I told him about my horrible dream and fell back asleep in his arms. When I walked in to the den this morning to start work, I found several post it notes in various places with the simple message "Love Ya" on them. Since this morning I have found no less than 25 of them (and I still keep finding them in cupboards and bathrooms.)

Thanks sweetie. What a wonderful way to reassure me you love me. :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday Therapy: Why should my heart weep?...

Brandie has inspired me to be a better blogger... She has a great blog that she updates frequently and it has such an assortment of information, that I really look forward to seeing what she comes up with next! One thing I love that I have noticed that she does sometimes is to use memes on some days.

A meme (rhymes with cream, or ironically... theme), is an idea or pattern of thought that can replicate or evolve as it is passed from one thinker to another. In blog world, it translates to fun posts that can be repetitive like "Tuesday's Tip", "Wordless Wednesday" or "Thankful Thursday"... (you get the point). A reader can read the post, then if they choose they they can evolve the post in to one of their own, linking up to the original post if they want to. Sometimes it can be a thought, sometimes a picture that doesn't need any words. Sometimes it has questions associated with it to get the readers thinking and responding. I think it is absolutely fab, because if you can come up with one or two cool memes that you love, then you sort of know what you are going to post about for at least a day or two of each week.

Thursday's is one of those days that I don't often post... probably because I always have Young Women's the night before, so unless I put on my thinking cap and stay up really late, it just doesn't happen. So when I was thinking about what I could post about on Thursday's, I grabbed the dictionary and looked under words that started with "Th" for my Thursday's meme. The word "therapeutic" immediately caught my eye because it was defined as "curative, healing, good for personal growth and health"... does that sound as appealing to you as it does to me??? So without further ado, here is this week's "Thursday Therapy"...

DeAnna was asked to make a mormonad in seminary last week. If you don't know what that is, it is where they take a scripture and turn it in to a poster so that it sticks in your mind. Since they weren't bringing it home, (they were going up on the wall) she took a picture of it on her cell phone and sent it to me.

I loved it so much that I asked her to make me one which I have put on my desk at work.

The simple message of this mormonad has really set me thinking and touched my heart very deeply... With all that I am blessed with and all that I have, "why should my heart weep?" It has reminded me to focus on my blessings and the good things in my life rather than just constantly feeling sorry for myself when I have trials. It also reminds me that I have the ability to help make other people's hearts smile by serving them when they need it. It was a message I really needed to hear and has made a BIG difference in my attitude this week.

How do you remind yourself to have a happy heart?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You know you are in Utah when...

... it snows the week of Halloween. :( Really? Are you kidding me? I had to fight the urge to get out the Christmas music today...


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Who said nothing worthwhile is ever easy????

I'm not the craftiest mom in the world... I usually just buy stuff instead of making it. I am not the most festive mom in the world... Dee and Kayla put up the decorations outside our house for Halloween. I am definitely not the most creative mom in the world either, especially when it comes to Holidays... but I am pretty sure I can do this...

It's called Ghouls in the Graveyard and I am seriously excited to do this for my teenagers. Pathetic isn't it? If you are as lame as me, you can get the recipe here, although as lame as we are, I think we can pretty much do this just from looking at the picture! :) I might even upgrade and make my homemade mac and cheese... that'll shock em! ;)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Bubble bubble toil & trouble...

This week we took a trip over to Gardner Village with our good friends the Hottons and our adopted daughter K-la to see the witches. If you have never been, you should definitely take your kids. It's not scary, it's just fun. The witches are everywhere, and it makes for some adorable Halloween pictures. :)

I could have seriously walked around there for hours and just enjoyed the atmosphere. Hopefully we will get to go back again before Halloween is over. As much as I protested, I was really happy that we finally got a pic with both of our complete families (above, center) thanks to a stranger who offered to take it for us. (A couple of us had eyes closed... maybe we all have our eyes open in Ruthy's.)

Afterwards we went to Maceys to clean out their soft serve ice cream machine, much to the disappointment of the line of customers behind us! Good friends at good locations = good times! :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm a grandma!!!!!!!!

Ok, not really. But I was, (sort of), for almost 4 days.

Friday, DeAnna became the proud mother of "Baby Dee". (She named it of course after herself.)

Baby Dee is what they call in her child development class a "Real Baby". She has a computer chip in her that makes her cry when she needs a bottle, needs a diaper change, needs burping or is just generally fussy. She came with a bottle and two diapers, both of which also had computer chips in them. DeAnna also had a non-removable bracelet on (they cut it off on Monday), which made her the "mother".

Every time Baby Dee cried, DeAnna would have to respond to her within 2 minutes by chiming her with the bracelet. She then would have to figure out which of the four things the baby needed to stop her from crying. If it was a bottle, she had to sit and feed her for at least 20 minutes. Diaper changes were easy, she just had to switch them. Burping, however, could take up to 30 minutes and fussiness could last for however long the baby decided. It was indeed like having a real baby in the house!

The baby had a sensitive neck which needed good head support at all times, and was also sensitive to any trauma to the body which would make her cry. (It was possible to kill your baby by giving it shaken baby syndrome or if it received excessive trauma to her head.) She also woke up several times during the night needing attention. (Just like a real baby!)

It turned out that we had quite a lot on this weekend. Baby Dee had a trip to the mall, attended Mike Jr's football game, went to Golden Corral for lunch with us, accompanied DeAnna to a sweet 16 birthday party and came to church to name a few things. The trips out in public were definitely an experience. We did have a car seat and stroller which she borrowed from Ruthy to make it a little easier.

Anyone not paying a lot of attention didn't realize it was a doll she was taking care of until they got right up on her. Though there were many people who knew exactly what this was, I found myself explaining to a lot of people who obviously didn't, that this was indeed just a school project. As I watched various people whisper and pass judgement on my daughter who is only 15 and obviously not old enough to have a baby, I was disheartened by some of the lack of humanity that was shown. Comments passed, dirty looks and judgement that was aimed at her and then shot over to me and Mike made me feel a little sad. I was especially disturbed with one lady in particular who was verbally bothered by the fact that Little Dee was black. It really disturbs me that there are still people in the world who can't get past the color of some one's skin. :(

I was very impressed with DeAnna and how well she took care of the baby. While feeding the baby on the sidelines of the football game, the tackle came in our direction and the QB got thrown right in to DeAnna. As instinctive as a real mother, she turned the baby away and took the brunt of the hit herself. She was very protective of the baby's feelings which I found interesting. Many times when we were out she mentioned that she was glad the baby didn't hear all the rude comments and have it's feelings hurt. She really didn't complain the entire weekend. She got up with the baby at least three times a night by herself and talked to it almost like it was real. She even dressed it in a Cowboys dress, Copper Hills hair bow and sporty socks.

Although I felt kind of stupid feeding and burping the baby, I did give DeAnna a little help while she was trying on clothes in the dressing room or getting ready for church etc. I have to say that by Sunday afternoon I had kind of become a little attached to the baby myself. :) The best part was when she cooed after you finished doing something right. I will tell you this much, while I am definitely not ready to be a grandmother yet, I have a feeling it will be a wonderful thing when it comes time.

All in all it was a good experience. Little Mike even got attached to Little Dee and although he laughed with his football buddies at the baby, he kept cooing at her when they weren't looking. :)

DeAnna who has always loved babies soooooooooo much DOES realize that she is not ready to have her own baby yet, although, she still wants twins... and though we were sad to let Little Dee go back to her drawer in the school, it has been nice to have a bit of peace and quiet around here the past couple of days. Now if I can just get her to wait at LEAST 10 years before making me a REAL grandma... :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Birthday To My Two Boys...

I have been slacking on the blogging the past couple of weeks and during that time Mike Sr & Mike Jr had their birthdays. Mike Sr is 38, (haha... you are two years older than me... at least for the next couple of months...), and Jr is finally 13. (I am getting old... I have two teenagers now!)

I can't believe how much these two are a like.

  • They both love football, (although much to Mike Sr's chagrin, Mike Jr is a Colts fan).
  • They both would choose McDonald's or Pizza over a sit down restaurant any day.
  • They both like screamo music. (Thank heavens because I would not be taking Jr to one of those concerts!)
  • They both play drums. (Sorry neighbors.)
  • They both like the Utes.
  • They are both mommas boys.
  • They both like to play Madden 10 together.
  • They both like to push my buttons (and neither of them can take me!!!!)
  • They are both teddy bears under their tough exteriors. :)

If you want to see last years photo story of Mike Sr growing up, click here. Mike Jr, click here.


I love you guys. :)