Thursday, August 6, 2009

You say tomayyyyyyto, I say tomahhhhhhhto...

Driving home from the Dentist yesterday...

Mike: Mom, why do you have a tomato on the floor?

Me: What? I don't have a tomato on the floor!

Mike: Yes, you do... look!

Me: That's a home grown tomato! Did you leave that in here DeAnna?

DeAnna: No, why would I have a tomato in your car?

Me: I don't know... who else would put it in here? Are you guys messing with me? You seriously don't know where the tomato came from?

Both: (Laughing) Mom, we didn't put the tomato in the car!

Me: Well I don't know how that got in here... maybe someone gave it to Dad!

A quick call to Mike Sr confirmed that this mystery tomato somehow turned up in my car out of nowhere. Are you the culprit? Or did someone give me this tomato from their garden and I am so senile I cannot remember?

If you have seen this tomato before or recognize it from anywhere, please, call 801-555-1234. Or better yet, just leave a comment!


Alison said...

I wish that it was from my garden... alas, deer or some other critter keeps eating 90% of my tomatoes before they ripen.

Joni said...

I'd ask your buddy Ruthanne. She has an amazing garden, right?

Higleys said...

That's too funny.

Karen said...

I don't know who put it in your car, but it looks delicious!

Cindy said...

I recognize that tomato. How did it get from Maryland to Utah?