Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dear Utah Drivers...

Did any of you get stuck in traffic this morning or get detoured since a major part of Bangerter was closed down from 4am to after 8am? I thought it was weird that the police had Bangerter closed down when I went to work at 6... there is not usually ANY traffic at all that time in the morning... but I didn't truly start wondering what had caused it until one of my co-workers came in around 8 and said he too had been on the road for over an hour trying to get in.

A quick look at KSL and we were informed. A black Jeep traveling along 90th had run a red light and was hit by a HUGE Semi-truck that was traveling around 60mph along Bangerter Highway. The Jeep was drug for 150 feet until it stopped and the guy driving it was killed.

In the two years I have lived here I keep reminding myself how lucky I am not to be driving in the DC Metropolitan are anymore! I do not miss those overly aggressive drivers. Utah drivers are almost too nice sometimes. Where else would you see someone hold up an entire street of traffic to let someone out. Still blows me every time I see it! :)

However, one thing I have noticed over and over since I have been here is the immense number of Utah drivers who run red lights. It is absolutely terrible! I mean seriously people, when your light is green and you should be able to go but four more cars go through the red light crossing right in front of you, that is a major problem!

One thing I appreciated in Maryland was the presence of red light cameras. I believe that they made people think twice before running that light. Cities here should definitely give some thought to installing them. When people know that they will get a hefty ticket for doing it, much of the red light running could stop.

Why am I so bothered by this suddenly? Maybe it is because I have a 15 year old permit holder in the house right now which makes me more painfully aware of the stupid drivers around me. People have cut her off, sped around her illegally and done other stupid things that have honestly made me want to go after them! I don't want her injured because someone was ignorant and ran a red light or... (another HUGE pet peeve of mine), someone was TEXTING while they were driving. I can't tell you how often I see people doing that even though it is now against the law.

Do you remember the two men that were killed two years ago in Cache County by a 22 year old who was texting while driving? If you text while you drive and/or think that you are careful enough to avoid causing injury to anyone, you must watch this video from Utah's Zero Fatalities Website. Please, please watch it and see how many lives were affected... devastated in fact, by a 22 year old who made a very bad decision to text while he was driving.

I know there are many other things that can cause distractions while we are driving that we need to be careful of, but these are two easy decisions every driver can make right now. DON'T run red lights... you can spare the extra 2 minutes, and PUT THE PHONE DOWN while you are driving... no text or phone call is important enough for you to risk lives over. (If you are dumb enough to think it is, then at least pull over first before looking/answering it.)

The decision to run a red light cost that driver his life this morning. I can't imagine how many people will be affected by his death. Please, let's all take care while driving. Our vehicles truly are LETHAL weapons.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just a spoonful of sugar...


Look how much sugar

is in some of the drinks we enjoy!!

I'm thinking I will have to be looking at labels
a little more carefully! has some other foods
you might be interested in seeing... these small portions of bbq sauce & ketchup!

There are a selection of other foods there too.
How much sugar am I feeding my kids? :(

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Miracles do happen...

This is my son...

doing dishes!!!!

...this would NEVER happen at my house,

ONLY at Grandma's.

Maybe I should send him there for a week of training???

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Everybody needs a holiday...

This year was the first year in a few that we have been able to take a family vacation away from home. (Unless you count the Summer we moved to Utah... nope, not a vacation!)

We chose to go to California since we have never been there, and Mike and the Kids picked San Diego (while I was in England) because there are lots of Theme Parks near. :) I am not a big Theme Park fan myself but we compromised with Sea World, The San Diego Zoo, The San Diego Wild Animal Park and Coronado Island. (Personally, I could have just hung out at the beach for the whole week and not minded at all!)

Let me first say that we would have never gotten ANYWHERE in California without "Jeeva", (Mike's GPS, the feminine of Jeeves). The highways and roads are interlaced like a hammock and it is CRAZY trying to drive period. Jeeva made it simple and easy to get around and find restaurants, entertainment, shopping... you name it. I HIGHLY recommend one for EVERY family... especially if you have a husband like mine. (Even with Jeeva, we heard "recalculating" or "make a u-turn here" WAY too many times.)

I really enjoyed Coronado Island which wasn't too busy and had a bay side and an ocean side. I loved riding the surrey bike around the Island, (which brought back memories of a vacation in Majorca, Spain many years ago with my parents where we did the same thing). I also loved sitting in the Sun eating Cold Stone Ice Cream, a treat I have been introduced to since I have come to Utah. :) (Have you tried the "Founders Favorite"? It is to die for!)

My favorite part of Sea World was going to all the different shows and seeing the clever animals. We always got wonderful seats because no-one likes sitting in the splash zone, but we took $1 ponchos and so we didn't care... but loved seeing the animals up close and personal.

We skipped around from place to place, but thoroughly enjoyed ourselves the whole week. If you are interested, here's a little slide show you can check out. :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

You say tomayyyyyyto, I say tomahhhhhhhto...

Driving home from the Dentist yesterday...

Mike: Mom, why do you have a tomato on the floor?

Me: What? I don't have a tomato on the floor!

Mike: Yes, you do... look!

Me: That's a home grown tomato! Did you leave that in here DeAnna?

DeAnna: No, why would I have a tomato in your car?

Me: I don't know... who else would put it in here? Are you guys messing with me? You seriously don't know where the tomato came from?

Both: (Laughing) Mom, we didn't put the tomato in the car!

Me: Well I don't know how that got in here... maybe someone gave it to Dad!

A quick call to Mike Sr confirmed that this mystery tomato somehow turned up in my car out of nowhere. Are you the culprit? Or did someone give me this tomato from their garden and I am so senile I cannot remember?

If you have seen this tomato before or recognize it from anywhere, please, call 801-555-1234. Or better yet, just leave a comment!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Here come the MIB...

We were sitting on our deck with some friends when this huge UFO shaped cloud started moving towards us. There have been no color corrections or changes of any kind to this photo... it is the raw file. This is NOT the mountains. (You can see the mountains about mid-right.) I wish I had some video to give you a better idea of how strange this cloud looked. Don't you think it looks a LITTLE Men in Black-ish???? :)