Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I SWORE I would never do it again... Am I totally insane???

Where will you be on September 29th? I will be at the Miley Cyrus Concert at the Energy Solutions Center. :( I tried everything to keep the news from my daughter that she was coming to concert. I even begged my dear friend NOT tell her when she was dying to, but dang that Miley World Fan Club. They emailed her about the concert tickets pre-sale which took place this week for members of her fan club.

I tried with every ounce of passion to get my hubby to take her. He wouldn't. But sure, he will take Mike Jr to the Warped Tour and to see Blink 182. :( Am I completely nuts? The only good thing is they are making this a paperless ticket concert which means you get in only by swiping the credit card you purchased the tickets with... that means tickets cannot be sold on Ebay or scalped which means everyone who goes pays only regular ticket prices... plus they won't have the money diggers buying up all the tickets and trying to resell them. They are genius!

We did get excellent seats in the section just to the left of the stage on the front row. She is way excited. Oh good... a whole night of screaming little girls to look forward to AGAIN.

If you aren't in the fan club, I believe tickets for the Salt Lake City concert go on sale to the general public this Saturday, June 13 at 10am. I sincerely hope you have to go too!!!!


Higleys said...

I'd take her. I like Miley/Hannah. Lame I know, but true, What do you expect you know who I loved in High School. Have fun at the concert;)

Alyse said...

I can't believe Mike Jr. has the swine flu!! That is just crazy! I hope he starts feeling better & that you guys are able to stay healthy!

couplabz said...

Sounds like fun! I love Miley Cyrus, her music is great and she's SO adorable. You'll enjoy it.

Rudy Rukus said...

hahahahaha. Oh wait I have TWO girls I better just patiently wait my turn for the next teeny bopper star to come out. ugh! hehe