Monday, May 4, 2009

Dearest Daughter... :(

Dear DeAnna Michelle Collins,

If anything is removed from my room again and not replaced, I just might SCREAM!!! This is including but not limited to:
  • My hairbrush (you have one)

  • My big round brush (you have one)

  • My hair dryer (you have one)

  • My hair clips (you have some)

  • My blush (you have one)

  • My eyeliner (you have one)

  • My Chi (ok, you don't have one, but PUT IT BACK!!!!!)

From now on it will be $5 PER ITEM that I have to retrieve Missy!!!!! (You better hope you get a LOT of babysitting jobs!!!!!!)

With lots of love, ♥

:) Mom


Higleys said...

I hope she reads this cause I know you mean it. What is Chi

MaryBeth said...

Suck on that DeAnna!

Denise said...

I hope she'll see this!

Karen said...

Another great use for blogs...memos to the family :)

hdknowles said...

Guess what, Petra? They still do it in their 30s! My favorite is coming for a visit and changing the computer settings on my computer.

R Clan said...

lol :) You crack me up!

Tammy said...

I would suggest you take DeAnna to the store to purchase replacement items for things she has lost, but, having seen how DeAnna shops, I think you are going to have to deal with her taking your stuff! goodluck!

(I bought myself a brush that Melissa HATES, she never takes it!)

Joni said...

You are pretty funny. Isn't the CHI the best invention ever? How did I use to live without one? The CHI and the vacuum are my favorite things ever.

Miss Dee said...

In my defense, I CAN'T AFFORD A CHI! And trust me, if I didn't wear the makeup, you would be in horror, so count your blessings!

Jane said...

So funny, I bet my mom wanted to write her teenage daughters the same letter.