Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It is better to give than to receive... (especially when it is your 100th post)

I can not believe I have hit 100 posts already! Are you kidding me? It seems like I just started this thing.

As I have stalked the blogosphere I have learned that it is pretty customary to do a give-away when you reach this milestone, so I have been putting off this post till I figured out what to give away!

Some people give away something they have made... well, I'm not crafty. Some people give away gift cards... well, I'm not made of money. Some people give away services... well unless you have a computer that is not working or want to learn the piano, I don't have much to offer ya.

So what DO I have? Well, I came up with a ♥ date night basket-o-fun! ♥ Here's what's included:

  • Luxe White Jasmine Bath set with bath salts, shower gel and lotion.

  • Pot of Gold Hershey's Chocolates

  • Premium triple chocolate M&M's

  • Microwave popcorn

  • Phase 10

  • A re-writable CD to make your own romantic mix

  • A $5 blockbuster gift card

  • A newborn girl & boy outfit... (for marrieds only... otherwise you give it as a gift.)

Plus, if you are close enough that I can hand-deliver the basket, then you will also get a bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice. :)

So if you would like the chance to win THIS fabulous prize...

...leave me a comment telling me your favorite "date night" activity and your favorite restaurant, (we're always looking for somewhere new), and I will do a random drawing in ONE week. (That is Wednesday March 11th at 4pm for those of you who are reading this all late. :))

If you have been a blog stalker up to now, (like me), don't be shy. I love to find new blogs to read and I want to hear from YOU! :)

Sorry, but the winner of this drawing must live in one of the USA's 48 continental states... I'm not trying to pay international shipping folks... this basket is quite heavy. (Extra sorry to all my family in England... I love you guys anyway ♥) Also, only one entry per person.

Good luck, and THANK YOU for reading my blog. :)


Denise said...

Ok, I didn't know there was a great big 100 post thing going on. I missed mine by two posts! And one of them was posted today. Maybe I'll do something for my 500th...

Boy-oh-Boy, do I need that date night basket. Since we moved here 9 months ago our date nights include watching a movie in bed that we get from the $1 machine and (if we're really trying to spice things up, we add popcorn). Sometimes it is watching the movie while folding laundry. If I were to have my dream date it would be a cruise without my children and just looking out over the beautiful water. Maybe something more realistic is going to PF Changs...I love that place.

Higleys said...

Well we are not our there any more but we really enjoyed the free concerts at temple square. If you volunteer at Abravanel Hall downtown we have received a voucher for a free concert or even opera (don't laugh we saw Hansel and Gretel in English and it was fun). Also Hale Centre theater by the E Center has a lot of fun plays.Of course there is the E center for Hockey. Dessert Star dinner theater. They put on spoof plays like My big Fat Utah Wedding. You can be in the main theater where they serve food as part of the show or the other side where you can order a la cart. Also in Murray around the corner is the Murray Art Center. You can learn swing dancing (remember blobs?)Saturday nights and it was only like 5 dollars a person lesson was at 7? I think. There is a main hall (the parents ages) and a side practice hall with the younger hip crowd. I hope these give you some ideas maybe you can even take the kids to.

Lisa E said...

I'm one of those blog stalkers you mentioned. So fun to read your blogs. I asked Matt what our favorite date night activity is and he said running errands. Although that is not very romantic, that is what we do most it seems. Otherwise, I would suggest dinner at Melting Pot (only for very special occasions if you're like us), or for a fun ice cream place, I highly recommend Leatherby's on 54th S and Redwood. Yum!

Jane said...

OOOOH, I love fun give-a-ways! We always go to movies for our date night, not very creative, I know. We like all the usuals, Cafe Rio, Rumbi, Iggy's, The Pie, and Village Baker (yummy sandwiches and pizza, take out only) to name a few. We usually do the fast, inexpensive and more casual places.

MaryBeth said...

Ah crap, I didn't leave the correct information. My favorite Utah date night? I would have to agree with Kristen on the Murray Arts Center. It was free when Rick and I went, but man it is so much fun to go out dancing. Also there used to be this great Lebonese place in downtown SLC and on Friday and Saturday night they have belly dancers...very cool.

Since I posted twice do I get two entries?

Henich Family said...

You guys make it hard to be a blogger when you ALWAYS do such cute things!

Date night what is that? Between Aniston and Torrey's school I don't remember the last time we actually went out.

So I really want to go to an arcade and play Tor at air hockey, double shot, and skeeball. Hmmmm maybe we might even try for this weekend if he gets his homework done. Places to eat that are on our budget...Su Casa and Training Table!

TKAK said...

We really like to relax to a movie...but we just recently pulled out our "couples jar" (a gift from our wedding) and it was fun asking each other funny questions and memories since our children take up most of our conversations.
Our favorite resaurant is Tepanyaki...mmm! But one that you probably haven't tried, if you like Chinese, China Isle in American Fork--we like to go there for their five dollar lunch menu!

jill b. said...

OK so I saw your blog on facebook and wanted to check out the contest.Here are things Rich and I do..we like to go on drives and look at houses we would love to live in if we won the lottery...or just take a drive to the mountains, we LOVE going to the movies. Our favorite restaurants...Tsunami(Yummy Ribs), Hapa Grill, McCools, Five Guys,and Hires. We love treats from Stevenettes, the BYU Creamery & Nielsen's Frozen Custard.

Miss Dee said...

Ok..the best date night is going to Classic Skating with all my friends. you should check it out! If I win, I am so having over a boy. jk! Love ya mom!

R Clan said...

Hmmmmm...we don't get to go out on dates very often. When we do go out it is mostly to go to the Temple. We do have semi date nights with friends and we play dominoes. Now that is fun! lol Corey does like to go bowling or minature golfing. As far as a place to eat...I think you have gone to everything we have told you about. I can't think of anything new. Oh, maybe Texas Roadhouse. Have you been there? You still need to take Mike to Village Baker.

Irene and Steve Moyer said...

Steve and I totally need a date night! Can you believe we have yet to get a baby-sitter for Maya and she'll be 2 next month?! How sad, I know! If we had our way, the best date night would be a picnic on the beach. Yeah, not so doable in Utah, but our favorite restaurant? Tucanos!! (Is that how you spell it?) Anytime we are in Utah, it's a must. The closest one to us here in CO is in Albuquerque, NM. And yes, we've gone to it!

Tammy said...

Love this idea! (probably won't copy it cuz I'm lame) so here are a few of my favorite dates (isn't ANY date going to be a favorite???) We LOVE to play scrabble and Yahtzee while watching hockey (or football during football season),we love to go for walks, on the railroad tracks or around a local lake, we love cooking a really good meal together and eating it in front of a roaring fire and movie. I prefer to eat out at places I have never been to before, but for you Marylanders, Bertucci's in Columbia is very good...another place for Marylanders that we used to love for the scenery was Hilltop House in Harper's is closed now, but driving up there for the view is still worth it! For you Utahans when we were in Utah a year ago we really enjoyed the Sunday brunch buffet at Grand America Hotel..

Raegan said...

The Petra,

Does anyone else call you that? Well what my wife and I love doing is going to the theater by the E Center. I forget the name of the theater (might be the Carmike or Cinemark). Anyway they have a date night for just about $30.00 where you get a movie, mini golf or roller skating or laser tag (my wife beats me at laser tag, but she has a much larger target to hit than I do), dinner and ice cream. It is always fun and we get away and just play for a few hours.

bskinn said...

Hi Petra-

I saw your link from Facebook. So here's my datenight and dinner suggestions. Wade and I like to go to Mulligans off of 106th and just below 13th West and go miniature golfing or even hit a bucket of balls. I'm pretty horrible at both, but it's fun. We also like to go downtown to the Gateway during the springtime to the sidewalk chalk festival there. It's awesome and pretty amazing to look at. Some of our favorite places to eat are: Moochies (from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives) they have the best Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches, Happy Sumo (this is my favorite, if your up for yummy, not raw sushi), The Joy Luck Club for Chinese and lastly for a yummy dessert treat, the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for an Apple Pie Caramel Apple!

Cindy said...

I know I'm out of the running for the prize but even old people like me still like date nights or days. And now we like taking date trips. That is the good thing about aging. A LONG time ago when Cal and I were poor BYU students we loved going up Provo Canyon for picnics, walking around Utah Lake, walking up to the Y on the side of the mountain, or like Tammy games with friends (I went into labor with Dale the day after a practically all night Risk game). Have fun, that is the important thing. By the way, I've been a stalker for a long time and decided to show myself.