Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An apple a day keeps the doctor away???

Maybe. But I'm not convinced. :( I have been trying to eat healthier the past week or so and I have to be honest. I am pretty dang miserable. Apples certainly don't taste like chips, chocolate, bread or anything yummy for that matter. And if I eat one more orange I think I might just turn in to one.

I know, I know... My body will adjust and I will start to appreciate all the fruits and veggies for their natural flavors... but for right now I just want carbs and sweets dang it!!!!

My biggest challenge is getting back in to exercising. When we decided to move here from Maryland I was walking for 30 mins a day and doing cardio and weights for another hour every day and I was in much better shape and felt amazing. I don't know WHY I don't have the motivation here. I think it has something to do with going in to an office every day... ok, really I am probably just lazy... but regardless, IT NEEDS TO CHANGE! For some reason I am just SOOOOOOOO unmotivated right now and the pounds are just creeping on.

So give me your tips ladies. What do you do to motivate yourselves? How do you resist snacking? Or what are your favorite low calorie yummy snacks? How do you work exercise in to your day and what do you do to make it fun? Helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllp :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Ruthie...

So today is my good friend Ruthie's Birthday. She just turned 33. Woohoo. (I can't even remember what I was doing when I was 33.)

Anyway, I am not going to name 33 things that I love about her, even though it would be pretty easy, but here are a few things:
  • She is a super duper cook... she even taught me how to make rolls & cinnamon rolls from scratch.

  • Even when she is on a diet, she is not too "stick-in-the-mud" to share a piece of chocolate with me. You gotta love friends like that.

  • She motivates me to want to exercise and be healthier. (I swear, I am gonna start any day now.)
  • She texts me out of the blue... it makes my day.

  • She is a super shopping buddy... we both like to dream shop (look at all the stuff we want to buy for our homes.)

  • She is a constant example to me on how to be a wonderful wife and mother.

  • She is not fake. She is what she is, and she is awesome. :)



Hope it's a great one for ya. ♥

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And the winner is...

Sorry I was a bit late drawing. We found our house today, (so excited), so I have been caught up with all kinds of housey things. :)

I used a random number generator and here are the results (duplicate entries were deleted, and DeAnna stood as witness... hoping she would win.)

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers: 10
Timestamp: 2009-03-11 10:47:22

That means R Clan wins

I will deliver your basket tomorrow :)

Thank you everyone for the AWESOME ideas.
I am excited to try EVERY one of them.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It is better to give than to receive... (especially when it is your 100th post)

I can not believe I have hit 100 posts already! Are you kidding me? It seems like I just started this thing.

As I have stalked the blogosphere I have learned that it is pretty customary to do a give-away when you reach this milestone, so I have been putting off this post till I figured out what to give away!

Some people give away something they have made... well, I'm not crafty. Some people give away gift cards... well, I'm not made of money. Some people give away services... well unless you have a computer that is not working or want to learn the piano, I don't have much to offer ya.

So what DO I have? Well, I came up with a ♥ date night basket-o-fun! ♥ Here's what's included:

  • Luxe White Jasmine Bath set with bath salts, shower gel and lotion.

  • Pot of Gold Hershey's Chocolates

  • Premium triple chocolate M&M's

  • Microwave popcorn

  • Phase 10

  • A re-writable CD to make your own romantic mix

  • A $5 blockbuster gift card

  • A newborn girl & boy outfit... (for marrieds only... otherwise you give it as a gift.)

Plus, if you are close enough that I can hand-deliver the basket, then you will also get a bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice. :)

So if you would like the chance to win THIS fabulous prize...

...leave me a comment telling me your favorite "date night" activity and your favorite restaurant, (we're always looking for somewhere new), and I will do a random drawing in ONE week. (That is Wednesday March 11th at 4pm for those of you who are reading this all late. :))

If you have been a blog stalker up to now, (like me), don't be shy. I love to find new blogs to read and I want to hear from YOU! :)

Sorry, but the winner of this drawing must live in one of the USA's 48 continental states... I'm not trying to pay international shipping folks... this basket is quite heavy. (Extra sorry to all my family in England... I love you guys anyway ♥) Also, only one entry per person.

Good luck, and THANK YOU for reading my blog. :)