Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Time works wonders...

So Hot Hubby and I really do try to do Family Home Evening on a regular basis, but quite frankly, our lessons can be... well... lame! You know how it goes... you suddenly realize after dinner that it is Monday and you desperately grab a book from the shelf and read about some church principle... (unlike my kids who take like two hours to prepare their lessons with visual aids and handouts and everything!) We are so pathetic.

Anyway, it was seeming like this past Monday was gonna be Family Lame Night again... we had nothing planned... but it actually turned out ok. A song, a prayer, a game of domino's and some Dunford donuts picked up from the *secret Dunford bakery... all we needed was a good gospel lesson and we could call it a success! Enter Hot Hubby.

He hands us notebooks and pens reads us this story/article/whatever you want to call it about setting goals called "Just 15 minutes a day". I was seriously intrigued. The main idea was that you can accomplish anything you want if you will just set aside 15 minutes a day to tackle it and work for the full 15 minutes. So for example, if I want to sort out a closet, but I just don't have the time, I work 15 mins a day on it till it is done.

Let me tell you! I think this could change my life. It can work in so many facets... cleaning, organizing, learning to play a musical instrument, exercising, learning a new language, gardening, writing a book, tidying the garage, filing papers, planning menu's, making a nice dessert, BLOGGING, ...anything you want! It puts a new spin on setting goals. I am now keeping a list of things I would like to get done and working through it 15 mins a day at a time. Yesterday I went through my clothes closet. Today I am going through a ton of old computer equipment to see what I can get rid of, and if I don't finish today it's ok... I can take another 15 minutes tomorrow. :)

Right now it is actually even fun. I look forward to seeing what I can get done in that little amount of time and I am surprised at how many little blocks of 15 minutes I can find each day.

Anyhow. Why not try it for yourself? Chances are you might find you have a little more time than you think! And thanks Hot Hubby for helping our Family Home Evening not be lame this week! :)

*If you haven't found the Dunford Bakery in West Jordan, please allow me to assist you! We just found it a couple of months ago and we are regulars now... hop on over to 8556 S 2940 W (in the middle of nowhere), for fresh Dunford donuts, (6.99/dozen), Dunford Bread (as low as $1.25 a loaf, $0.99 on Monday's), and other treats. It is the bomb, and yes, they accept credit & debit cards. When trying to find it, it looks like a big warehouse, but you will know you have found it when you see the big donut on the top of the building. :)


R Clan said...

That is awesome. I feel motivated to do this. Just 15 minutes. It might take all week to do some of my tasks but that is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

Henich Family said...

I like it!!!!

Karen said...

That is a powerful idea. It is amazing how much can be accomplished when you move out of the "I can't do everything, so I will do nothing" mentality.

Jane said...

That is the best tip, thanks. And the chocolate Dunfords microwaved for 10 seconds are one of my very biggest weaknesses in life. It's a good thing I am without a microwave.