Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Petra needs a makover and Mike needs a date...

So Jane did this cute tag post where you google your name and then the word "needs" and you post the ten first things that come up. Very cute... here is what it came up with for me and Mike...

Petra needs a makeover
Petra needs a home
Petra needs to make water but there's a cow in front of the door
Petra needs her own front door
Petra needs Itunes exclusive
Petra needs a loan of $650
Petra needs a visitor centre
Petra needs little explanation
Petra needs a lesson in men
Petra needs conservation and preservation

Mike needs a date
Mike needs a kidney donor for a transplant
Mike needs a light razoring
Mike needs to get a clue RIGHT NOW
Mike needs your help
Mike needs to update his myspace page
Mike needs a wee video clip
Mike needs to calm down
Mike needs a heart
Mike needs a vacation

I think I will just resist commenting on any of these. :) Thanks Jane, that was fun. If you read this, I tag you! :)


Denise said...

That does look cute. I'll have to try it. Sad about the transplant, though. BTW-I love your background.

R Clan said...

That is funny. There seriously wasn't any for me.

Jane said...

Wasn't this fun? And you DEFINITELY don't need a makeover =) You always look fabulous and have the cutest hair.