Friday, January 2, 2009

A mother holds her children's hands for a while, their hearts forever...

I am sooooooooo lucky!!!! I have the best Mum in the whole wide world. (Sorry to disappoint all of the rest of you.)

Today we drove up to Ogden to celebrate my Mum's birthday with her. True to tradition, we braved heavy sleet and snow to get there (which continued way into the night), however, we didn't let the bad weather deter us from going out for a fantastic meal at Ruby River, a superb steakhouse down the road from the mission home... (even if we did look like drowned rats by the time we got there).

My dad and my son like to torment each other to no end, so while Mike (Jr) was "going to the bathroom" at the restaurant, (really he was peeking at the Utes game score in the adjoining bar), I watched my dad pour a few tablespoons of salt into his water glass, (actually I would bet it was about 1/3 a cup), and mischievously stir it in with the straw.

When Michael arrived back at the table, I sat staring at him in shock as he kept picking up his cup and putting it back down without sipping, (like in the movies when you know the glass is poisoned and you are just waiting for the person to drink it but something keeps distracting them from taking a sip), and even though I had the camera right there ready, I was not able to get a shot that could adequately show the horror on Michael's face when he finally took a big long slurp from the cup... mostly because I was so worried that he was just going to throw up right there at the table. This is the best shot I got which was him looking in his cup right after he sipped...

...but then his face turned green, his hand went over his mouth and he ran to the bathroom... Yeah, I didn't get any of that since I was having flashbacks of cleaning up puke at Fuddruckers a few years ago and was just praying in my heart that he would make it to the bathroom.

Anyway, here is my Dad after the event...

But don't worry... they made up quickly... they always do!!!

My mum wasn't overjoyed when after a HUGE meal, (and me tipping off the waiter that it was her birthday), they brought her a big sundae! This picture actually did adequately show how ill she felt just looking at the ice-cream :)

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST MUM EVER!!!! We hope you enjoyed your evening as much as we enjoyed spending it with you. Love you lots! :)

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