Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happiness is just a state of mind...

  • I think I am almost over this horrible chest cold I have had for the last 10 days (thus, the lack of posts) :)

  • My hubby is finally working and is now VERY content :)

  • I had Monday off work to celebrate MLK day :)

  • I got fruit cake at 75% off at the Walmart after Christmas sale... WOOHOO :)

  • We got to buy the kids some new clothes and a video game this weekend :)

  • I finally got to renew my Sam's card and I forgot how much I love it there :)

  • I have seen Twilight, Bride Wars and Bedtime Stories ALL in the movie theater this month :)

  • DeAnna loved the Twilight movie so much that she finally read the books! :)

  • Hot Hubby and I have had three dates this year already :)

  • The Cardinals beat Philly for the Superbowl spot on Sunday... YESSSSSSS:)

  • DeAnna finally got her monthly "woman thing" (for the first time ever) and she has been dramatically miserable. Her misery (also very much my misery), is finally coming to an end today :)

  • Both of the kids tried out for and got a part in the school play, Seussical. DeAnna is Miss Gertrude McFuzz and Michael is a jungle citizen :)

  • I feel at peace with my life right now and am just enjoying the ride! :)

That's a lot of happiness!


TKAK said...

You are so cute. That was VERY fun to read. Thanks for the reminder to BE HAPPY!

Denise said...


couplabz said...

Fruit cake? People actually get excited over that? Huh, didn't know that.

SO jealous about the movies you got to see! Our last movies were Marley & Me & that mouse movie with the kids. I want to see Twilight :(.

Henich Family said...

Honestly Petra I look at you and Mike and it makes me smile. What an example you are. I love that you guys go out on so many dates and are always so cute with each other!


R Clan said...

We dragged you to Bride Wars. I get credit for that one, after all I won the tickets. =)

I have to agree with Andrea though. You are great examples. I wish we could go on more dates. It is awesome that you can do that! It helps so he can't be so mad at you when we play Dominoes. LOL

Higleys said...

I bet DeAnna could kill you for the comment. Otherwise glad to hear life is good. 3 dates that's awesome.

Tammy said...

I think I am going to take this idea, and see what I can come up with! Thanks for the positivity!!