Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hair today, gone tomorrow...

Ok, ok. While cleaning out under my bathroom sink the other day I came across a product that I used to use yonks ago. I decided to give it a try again, and I am seriously in LUUUUUUUUUUUUUURVE!!!! ♥

This stuff is amazing. It lived up to all these claims...

  • Blocks frizz all day
  • Instantly and dramatically transforms dry, frizzy, or chemically-treated hair into incredibly smoother, glossier, stronger hair
  • Protects and prolongs the life of color treated hair
  • An exceptional blend of silicones immediately smoothes texture while delivering a layer of crystal-clear gloss for perfectly polished, frizz-resistant styles
  • Repels humidity to help prevent weather-related frizz
  • Contains sunscreen

It is my new favorite hair product! An absolute must for anyone who uses a straightening iron. I use it every time I wash my hair now... you apply it to wet hair.

DeAnna on the other hand loves this one which you apply to dry hair, (and which was also under my sink).

  • Exceptional crème, applied to dried hair, instantly transforms puffy, parched hair into a perfectly smooth, supple, shiny texture
  • Replaces natural oils lost to blow-drying and daily styling stress
  • Works instantly on dry hair to camouflage imperfections by smoothing away dullness, puffiness and frayed split ends
  • Immediately restores "silkening" moisture to "quench" parched hair
  • Creates ultra-glossy, supple hair with an incredibly healthy-looking finish
  • Contains sunscreen

We give both products 5 out of 5 daisies.

Of course, no product is gonna help if you don't start out with a good haircut, so I want to give a shout-out to my new favorite hairdresser, Krista Johnson. I finally planned ahead enough to get in with her and she is the first person in the state of Utah to actually cut my hair exactly how I asked her to. She is fantastic and her prices are amazing. GIVE HER A CALL!!!!


R Clan said...

I may have to purchase one or the other.

Denise said...

Thanks a good advertisement. I wish I lived in UT. I have to say, though, I hated both those products. The dry hair was ok, but the serum just made my hair greasy! It's good to know there is a reason it is on the market.

*~Petra~* said...

It can leave your hair greasy if you use too much... you only need a TINY drop. (Which makes it last forever!) Also, it is a lot dryer out here, so who knows, maybe it works better in Utah!

Sara said...

OMG Petra - your blog looks FANTASTIC. I LOVE it! I love seeing my stuff used so well! Thanks so much for showing me. (Sorry to post a comment here but I couldn't find an email address for you) Cheers, Sara (Sweet Blossom Designs)

Tammy said...

people ask me what kind of flat iron I use to straighten my hair (I still use a curling iron to curl it!) ...so I definately do NOT need a product that takes away frizz...anything under your sink for flat limp hair???

R Clan said...

Cute layout!