Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You're never too old to learn...

This week is Mike Jr's football banquet. Yes, the end of the season is here! Football has pretty much ruled our life since the beginning of August with practice three times a week (every day for the first month), and games every Saturday.

All in all Mike had a really good time while getting physically more fit and making tons of new friends in the process. I, (who had originally anticipated sitting and reading a book during the games), became an overexcited, cheering, camera happy parent on the sideline, (though I could never hold a candle to sous-coach who I still say is just plain obnoxious.) Hot Hubby became an expert at holding the first down markers, (though unfortunately even this job did not stop him from yelling at the top of his lungs to the boys), and even DeAnna got in to it all! (Though I am pretty sure her eyes swayed over to the older boys in the next field quite frequently!)

So the big question is... after all is said and done,


  • Football does not get cancelled for rain, (no matter how torrential), thunder, lightning, (it's a good idea to leave the metal camp chairs in the car in this situation), or snow.

  • Because of the above, it is generally just not worth putting a lot of effort in to your hair on game days.

  • You can work your butt off for the fund raiser and sell 35 sets of the cups at work, but not a penny of it goes towards the boat load of money you have to pay for your son to play... all the money goes to "the league."

  • Don't let your son eat pasta alfredo less than an hour before practice... more than likely you will see it again.

  • If one of the ref's goes up and hugs the coach on the other team right before the game, it is generally not a good sign.

  • If the other team marches on the field stepping in time with matching gear, (including bags and water bottles), again... it is generally not a good sign. (They are 11 year olds people... Get a grip!)

  • If you bring your parents to a game, your husband will generally be 100 decibels quieter :) (Too bad I didn't learn this till the last game of the season.)

  • The ice maker cannot possibly make enough ice for what you need in a week when he is filling up a gallon sized water cooler every couple of days... just get used to drinking warm water. (Yuck.)

  • The coach is always right and knows much more than I do about anything and everything. (At least according to my son.)

Can't wait to see what happens in Junior Jazz! :)


R Clan said...

I am glad you survived. I loved reading all the things you "learned" during this process. That will help remind me if my boys beg me to play...the word is....NO! ;)

MaryBeth said...

I was saddened to hear about the wasted alfredo, but lesson learned I suppose.

Oh, I stole your widget...thanks!

couplabz said...

That's good information. I, too, will have to remember that for when Eli gets older and plays sports. It will actually be Patrick that needs to remember ;).