Sunday, November 23, 2008

There's no cure for old age...

So yesterday I was browsing in a store when a young clerk came up to me and said... "Can I help you with something ma'am????"

MA'AM????? Please, somebody tell me I do not look that old!!! (Sob, sob, sob.)

Some other signs that you might be aging...

  • Your mom starts buying you wrinkle cream
  • You can't empty the dishwasher without pulling a muscle
  • Just watching someone exercising makes you tired
  • You've been to the doctor more this year than you have the entire rest of your life
  • You are suddenly earning all kinds of store credits for "new or transferred prescriptions"... and the pharmacists all know you by name
  • High heels hurt your feet
  • You have to set off your car alarm to find your car
  • You can't remember what you need at the store unless you have a list
  • Metamucil is on that list
  • So is hair color... for those who have "hard to cover grey"
  • Your birthday cake just set off the fire sprinklers

"Age is something that doesn't matter unless you are a cheese." -Billie Burke


Karen said...

Totally funny! I got my first ma'am a few years's always shocking.

R Clan said...

I sure do love you. One reason because you totally make me laugh. I'm 110% positive that you are getting even more beautiful with age. Thanks for being such a positive influence in my life. Hope you are feeling better. I also hope you have a WONDERFUL day tomorrow.

Denise said...

I've been getting ma'am for lots of years! I hate it! I have actually thought about starting to correct people by telling them that I would rather they call me "Miss".

couplabz said...

I have been getting it for a few years too. I just take it as a term of respect ;)

I stopped wearing high heels YEARS ago, they were not my friends.

Setting off the alarm to find you car is WAY smart, much better than wandering around looking like a ditz because your lost (yes, I also use my alarm).

A list at the store is the only way to go, otherwise I forget something and have to make another trip.

My pharmacists know my name. That is the reason I go there. And prescriptions are our friends, they definetly make things easier to deal with.

Don't worry about aging, we are all doing it. You are not the only one.

Tammy said...

what about "you only shave regularly in the summer" (did I really just admit that??) or "you stop noticing what the latest styles are, because they are to "young" for your taste"...I have to confess, I love getting older! I am not a fan of all the side effects of it, but I love getting older.! I think whatever age I am is the BEST age to be...