Friday, October 17, 2008

You don't know what you've got till it's gone...

Ah, the smell of the fresh, clean air... the sound of crisp leaves under your feet... the brightness of the oranges, pinks, reds, yellows... IT'S FALL TIME! :)

Oh my bad!!! I forgot, I live in the desert... there is no fall. :( Seriously, here is a picture of the biggest tree at my house shedding it's leaves:

It's pretty pathetic isn't it?

Here is my favorite memory of Fall on the east side of the country...

What my new memories of Fall on the west side of the county will consist of...

Yep, you better believe that is snow on my car. (Taken October 12th). I have never known such strange weather patterns in all my life. It literally can be 70 degrees one day, then snowing the next... actually it doesn't have to even be the next day... it can be 70 degrees during the day and snow THAT NIGHT. It is almost as if there is some little elf somewhere picking the temperature for the day out of a hat. (And having a good giggle about it.)

I have to admit. I loved the fall. Emily Bronte (The British novelist who wrote Bella's favorite book, Wuthering Heights), summed up my feelings best when she wrote:

"Every leaf speaks bliss to me,

fluttering from the Autumn tree."

To truly appreciate that line, you would have to seen the Autumn colors that I have seen... this little collage is made from our family picture shoot during our very last fall in Maryland... just look at the colors of the trees... they are breathtaking. It is like God painted them all by hand.

Don't get me wrong, there is definitely an incredible beauty that radiates from the mountains, and even the snow... but I have to say my heart aches every October with a desire to see the true Autumn colors that I have enjoyed year after year throughout my life.

So to my friends from the east, enjoy every moment of this fall for me. Notice every color... take your kids out jumping in the HUGE piles of leaves, let the leaves speak bliss to you... and to my friends in the west... please oh please, TELL ME! Where can I get me some of this?????


Denise said...

I have to say that the Michigan fall seems to be even more brilliant than the MD fall. I love the trees with the lakes right under them.

If you want a little glimpse of fall, go to Sundance and ride the ski-lift. It is beautiful. I'm sure the other resorts have the same type of option.

Karen said...

Petra, we're in the same boat with the lame fall colors. The Phoenix area isn't known for it's breathtaking fall colors either. We actually have some fairly good sized deciduous trees near our house, but we don't get "fall" until the first week in January when all of the leaves fall of within a few days. Then, they start growing back by the last week in January. So we have a 3 week fall :) Your photos from your last fall in MD are beautiful!

couplabz said...

That stinks. I am so glad I've never lived somewhere without the fall season. I remember when I first moved to Iowa that I hated not being around mountains. After 10 years I didn't realize how much I missed them until we moved to Roanoke. They are comforting to me. Go to Michael's and buy some fake leaves to use as decoration inside and as a center piece. That might help a little.

R Clan said...

I grew up jumping in leaves and raking leaves. I think all the trees out here are just so little right now that we aren't able to enjoy the full affect. I miss not being able to jump in the leaves. I always tell my dad to call me when he is going to rake leaves so I can bring my kids over to enjoy the fun in the raking, the wheelbarrow rides to the back yard, and the jumping in the HUGE pile of leaves. It was so fun. I do have to admit that I don't get to see that many beautiful colors in your collage of pictures but there are more by my parents house than there is here.

btw- Thanks for such a fun night! What a way to end the week.