Saturday, October 4, 2008

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em...

This week on Mike (Jr's) birthday, we ended up at South Towne Center Mall. We split up boys & girls as we usually do, (they don't want to shoe shop and we don't want to look at video games), and naturally, DeAnna and I found ourselves drawn into Payless by the big BOGO sign in the front window. (Buy one, get one half off... technically I think it should be BOGOHO, but whatever.)

What excited us even more was when we got in the store they had a ton of shoes at ridiculous clearance prices! Ooooooooh. Anyway, My husband has been looking at crocs... (well, actually Airwalk clogs, a discounted version of crocs that you can find in Payless,)...ever since we got to Utah. I don't know why, but they wear them much more here than they did when we were back east. The first time he mentioned them to me I told him adamantly that he could get them if he liked, but I would not be going out with him anywhere when he was wearing them. Why did he want them anyway? I myself refuse to wear shoes just because "everyone else is doing it". Those big plasticy shoes were a bit over the top as far as I was concerned, and why would ANYONE put those on their feet? Ha! (I laughed at him.) Ha, Ha, HA!!! That was the last time he mentioned them.

Well it just so happened that while we were in Payless, I saw a slew of the clogs on clearance for $3 a pair. Hmmm... wouldn't it be funny if I got a pair just as a joke? They had a large variety of colors in size 10. (Apparently not too many people have mammoth feet like me because I don't generally have a hard time finding shoes in my size.) There were red, navy blue, light blue, black, white, pink, orange and lots of different tie dyes to name a few. And $3? It was so worth the laugh. So I pulled out a nice bright orange pair and put them on my feet. Hmm... these actually felt quite comfortable. Almost like a winter flip-flop. (And you know how much I love flip-flops... I have like 30 pairs!) Huh... kind of bouncy... don't look too bad with my jeans really... I think I could maybe get used to these.

I couldn't decide on the pale pink with white skulls or the bright orange, so I just got both. When the lady rang me up, it came to a grand total of $4.81. Excuse me did you make some kind of mistake? Nope... I forgot, it's BOGO(HO). (Hmm... after separating it like that, I can kind of see why they don't add that on the end...). You mean BOGO(HO) works on clearance shoes too??? Oh Yeah!

Well all of a sudden I was feeling quite generous. Come on DeAnna, I will treat you to a couple of pairs of shoes too. (Usually she buys her own... she earns a good amount babysitting.)

Needless to say, we ended up with six pairs of shoes, (three pairs each), and the grand total including the aforementioned shoes was, (drum roll please), $20.83 :)

Now it could possibly end up that MY shoes will just sit in my closet for a good long time once I realize that I caved to a fad, (I haven't worn the big plastic shoes out in public yet), but who knows, I might get brave sometime soon. (After all, you can just hose them down if they get dirty... that has got to be a plus!)

Regardless, if you happen to see me with them on... please, BE NICE!


R Clan said...

That is way too funny. You caver. ;) I guess we need to hop on over to that payless. Seems to me they have waaaaaaaaaaay better selection than any of the other Payless shoes I go to. I'm sure Mike would have been more impressed if you would have came out of the store with nothing. That is how my dad decided my mother and I had a successful shopping trip. It's when we came home with nothing. That made him real happy. :)

MaryBeth said...

Ok, crocs are the fugliest shoes ever, but I must admit I own a pair and wear them outside to get the mail or whatever...way comfy.

Denise said...

For the love of all that is holy and beautiful in this world, TAKE THOSE SHOES BACK! Don't give in.

(I will admit that Jackson has a pair, but only because I couldn't deal with the whining about how all of his friends have them.) And, BTW, they were big in MD but maybe it was after you left.

If you should choose to keep the shoes, we will pray for you and your lost soul.

Tammy said...

you know you can buy little decorations to put on your plastic shoes to personalize a disney princess or a frog, whatever you could get a whole bunch of them and put them all of your shoes, then no one would be able to see that you were wearing big plastic shoes!! (JK, you are very fashionable!!)

Rudy Rukus said...

Love the blog, found it from Deanna. We love her. Anyway. I have not caved into the fad but you better believe my kids wore those cheap shoes all summer. We lovingly named them "mud" shoes because well they wash so easily and then I have one less thing to worry about!!

Henich Family said...

Oh man...Torrey would be SO proud. Honestly...can he just join you next time you shoe shop? WAIT!!!! We don't have anymore room for his shoes!!!!