Saturday, October 18, 2008

He Said She Said...

Welcome to another edition of He Said, She Said... starring Hot Hubby's answers in Green, and mine in Pink. We're asking all the questions you really don't give a crap about, but hey! We're having a ball. (Why not join in on the fun and go through the questions with your better half too!)

1. How many times did you date before your first kiss?

She Said: I can't remember how many times exactly, but I can remember it was about a month.

He Said: Let me think here... maybe four? (Yeah, short memory buddy... it took forever to get you to kiss me.)

2. Where was your favorite hang-out during your dating days?

She Said: We went to the movies EVERY weekend, twice... so all the employees at Wheaton Plaza Movie Theater knew us... we also hung out at Bob's Big Boy and frequented the bowling alley.

He Said: The movies!

3. What was the funniest thing that you remember about your spouse when you dated?

She Said: Him mooning the rude people in Bob's Big Boy as we left the restaurant with Jenna and MaryBeth.

He Said: The ketchup incident. Anytime a person can laugh when they have ketchup all over their white sweater, that's awesome.

4. What cartoon character does your spouse remind you of?

She Said: Fred Flinstone... he is all tough and "get me this, woman" in front of people, but as soon as they are not looking he is kissing up and being a total teddy bear.

He Said: Betty Rubble (Then he immitates her funny laugh.) (I do not sound like Betty Rubble when I laugh!)

5. What item of clothing would you most like to see removed from your spouses closet?

She Said: There are a few, but I think they Grumpy shirt has had it. It is old, and it has Grumpy on it for heavens sake! Oh, and get rid of those converse boats while you are at it!

He Said: Nothing Really! (I wonder if he has seen my big plastic shoes :)... Or maybe I just don't have enough clothes! Perhaps a shopping trip is in order!)

6. What is your favorite dish that your spouse prepares for dinner?

She Said: My favorite dish is the one he takes me out to eat. He pretty much just cooks pancakes otherwise.

He Said: You know what I like? There are a ton of things, but right now I love the orange chicken and rice.

7. What flower best describes your spouse when they get up in the morning?

She Said: A sunflower! And it drives me nuts. No-one should be that happy in the morning!

He Said: A tulip. It takes a little bit for it to open up and blossom, but once it does it is bright the rest of the day. (He is way too nice... I was sure he would say I was a snapdragon!)

8. What traffic sign describes your spouse on a bad day?

She Said: "Caution... Animal Crossing."

He Said: "Yield" or "One Way" 'cause it's your way or the highway! (Now that's just plain rude!)


Denise said...

It is so cool that your kids kids will be able to see these responses. And, BTW, Betty is hot. Nice going!

R Clan said...

That is awesome. Some of those questions I think would take me a while to figure out. I love it though. We should do that on our next outing.

Karen said...

Good questions! We should try to answer some of those. I have a feeling we would have some very different recollections of things!