Sunday, October 5, 2008

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change...

Listen closely and you'll hear,
the laundry nightmare of the year...

'Cause I just want to scream and shout,
when pockets don't get emptied out!

M&M's are worse than dirt,
when they get dried in to my shirt.

Though there are trash cans everywhere,
there's gum stuck on my underwear!

Abreva cost me fifteen bucks,
but now we're simply out of luck...

Since in a pocket it did stay
the cream has melted all away!

Lucky me! It's on MY clothes
Oh, my laundry pocket woes :(

But wait, there's more, don't go quite yet...
Here's what else they've gotten wet:

Money, house keys, trash galore,
letters from their teachers... MORE;

There's soggy crackers in my stuff
and if that doesn't seem enough...

Cell phones! Not just one, but TWO
(Another flushed right down the loo.)

Drives me crazy, makes me pout,
to see the lip gloss emptied out.

What's a mother s'posed to do
when DADDY even does it too?

Share, (I plead), your bright ideas
on how to cure my laundry fears!


R Clan said...

That was great. Please do tell me that it isn't all true! Did you write that?

*~Petra~* said...

Unfortunately, yes, it is all true, and yes, I wrote it. :)

I'm a poet
and you didn't know it!


couplabz said...

Are you serious? You wrote that? Very clever.

No clue on how to cure your tears though. I shake Eli's pants upside down on the floor before I stick my hands in the pockets. You could try it - it would work for cell phones and keys as well as it does for the rocks, etc., in Eli's pockets.

Tammy said...

yeah, I am reading the comments on this hoping for some ideas myself...all I can say is I am glad my kids are done with diapers and pull ups...those were awful!!