Monday, October 20, 2008

Cleanliness is next to Godliness...

Sometimes I question how I could possibly be my children's mother. I don't know what is wrong with them. They cannot keep their bedrooms clean no matter what! I have kept them inside, taken away privileges, even stooped to offering a quite generous allowance if they will JUST KEEP THEIR ROOMS CLEAN!!!! Nothing works. They clean it every now and then when I get SOOOOOOOOO mad that I make them stay in there until it is done, but two days later it is the back to the same old mess.

I hate the trash not being able to make it to the trash can. I hate the heaps of dirty laundry. I hate the piles of stuff stacked on all their counters. I hate stubbing my toes on things left strewn out all over the floor. I hate tripping over video game cords or football helmets. I HATE THE UTTER DISARRAY!!!

So this week after much thought about my predicament, I came up with a GENIUS idea to get my kids to clean their disgusting bedrooms. I would simply threaten to post pictures of their pigsty's on the blog for all to see and shame them in to cleaning. I was sure they would jump right off the beds as I was snapping pictures and push me out of their rooms as they hurried to make them sparkle. :)

Yeah, not so much. When I told them what I was going to do (while snapping pics), Michael tells me in a very sarcastic voice, (and without batting an eyelid as he continues to play video games), "Oooh I am so threatened mom", and DeAnna looks up at me, smiles and says, "Cheese".

Have you no shame my children????? Seriously. It's humiliating.

Thankfully, by pure luck, they both wanted something within the hour that I could withhold from them until the rooms were clean.

It turns out my son will clean his room for a CUPCAKE, (thank you to my visiting teacher, Maggie for bringing them over... you were truly inspired), and my daughter cleaned really quickly when I told her I was going to Walmart and that she would NOT be coming if her room wasn't tidy. (Hey, whatever works.)

Still, for the pure SPITE of it, I am posting the before and after pictures, and PLEASE... make sure to tell them you saw their disgusting rooms and that you can't believe they could live like that. I have a feeling they will be more embarrassed than they let on!

We'll start with Michael's room:

Notice the lethal cords spread stealthily across the floor to trip a poor unexpecting mother who comes in to kiss her son goodnight. And what exactly is the point of a bed side table when you can't even see the alarm clock and it is piled high with trash? Yes, he is laying in a bed that is not even made... and his pillow doesn't even have a pillow case on it. Oh the shame!

Can you tell me why you have a laundry basket in the room if you are just going to throw the clothes AROUND it??? There are several video games, some even OUT OF THE CASES, just laying on the floor... (those things are NOT cheap!) And more cords... dang things.

DeAnna's Room:

There is actually a perfectly good, comfy chair under that pile of clothes. It sits in front of a desk, which you wouldn't be able to see... because it is covered in stuff. I can count THREE pairs of shoes in the small space photographed here. How many pairs can you wear at once? And I can't even tell you how many items of clothing and purses are scattered all over her floor.

Ah yes, the Disney collection of JUNK that just sprawls itself all over the shelves. I'm counting three cups on the bedside table... that doesn't include the ones she has on the dresser on the other side of the bed, or the ones she stashes in the bathroom. The box under her bedside table is one she hasn't unpacked yet, (we moved here over a year ago), and yes, that is a pillow in her laundry basket!

Here are the improved, definitely not perfect, but narrowly acceptable rooms after a bit of tidying.

I can see the alarm clock... the floor is more or less clear and you can't see it, but the clothes are all in the laundry basket. The bed is somewhat made... and the pillow has a cover on it now. There is still a cord stretched across the room, but I had faith he would put it away before I came in to kiss him goodnight. (I didn't trip, so it must have been where it was supposed to be.)

Yea! I can see FLOOR!!!! Cups are gone... counter is clear. Disney stuff is organized and pillows are on the bed (although I think I would have washed it first if it was me... I'm just saying.) You can't see the chair and desk, but they are visible and usable... and her closet is even tidy!

Honestly, I'll take it for now... but ten bucks says it won't still look like this tomorrow. :)


R Clan said...

(singing) "It's only just begun"...for me that is. Seriously, if I am having as much trouble right now with my own kids at there current ages what is it going to be like when they are teenagers??? Love it. I am glad no one has tripped and cracked their heads open. It would be quite a bloody mess. :)

Tammy said...

Amen to this post! I do not know what the secret to a clean room is..I posted about this in May ("Musical Clean up") and took photos two weeks ago, when my office became a pig sty, my little snots repaid the favor by taking pictures of my messy office for me to post!!..(still messy, so no after photos yet!) So watch your back, and your camera, they will be waiting for you to mess up!!

Denise said...

OK, Petra, are you trying to tell us that your room didn't look like that when you were their age? Mine sure did. Once our house got broken into when we were on vacation and the police put in the report that my room was ransacked. However, it was just as I had left it! I say there is too much pressure on what to wear and when you have to go through 53 outfits just to find something to wear over your teenage body that you hate, you would never get to school on time if you hung everything back up. Don't worry though. My house is pretty clean, so your kids aren't lost causes.

hdknowles said...

Denise's ransacked room was knee high in clothes - I seem to recall once we returned home following the break-in that Denise kept her room in much better shape. The detectives were a little amused when I told them her room actually looked that way, before the perpetrators entered the house.