Saturday, September 6, 2008

Winning isn't everything...'s the only thing! (At least, so far!)


That was the score at the end of Mike's football game today against Hunter. Earlier in the week rumour had spread that Hunter had some of the biggest boys in the league which left Mike and his team mates a little anxious. Even when we got there and sized up the competition, I have to confess...they did look AND sound pretty tough warming up! But the Copper Hills Grizzlies made a statement right from the first-half kickoff when they perfectly executed an onside kick and subsequently ran the ball in for a touchdown on the very next play. (Did I just say that? I think I am learning way too much about football. Either that, or you are all laughing at me because I have the lingo all wrong!) :)

The offense remained absolutely composed while using a combination of both running and passing plays to complete the downs. They spent much of the game on the field due to excellent strategy and superb coverage by the defensive line who barely allowed any first downs for the opposing team the entire game, consequently maintaining good field position for the offense.

I NEVER thought I would EVER be one of those mothers who stood on the sidelines jumping up and down during a game, but I have to say it is most exhilarating to see these boys pumping each other up and playing their hearts out. (I absolutely LOVE to see them jump and smash their chests into each other after a good play... it is awesome.)

That being said, I still cannot hold a candle to "Sous-Coach" who remains notorious for his thunderous sideline encouragement. I have to admit it was a little cute when one of the boys came up to me and told me that Mike (SR) is their "team dad". (It was also extremely funny that this time the coaches and team moms put him in charge of the powerade... I swear they are just trying to keep him as busy as possible during the games.)

In the end, the Grizzlies determination and positive attitude won out. (I will say one thing about Hunter though, they did have a lot of fancy hand/thigh clapping routines and chants.) The Grizzlies have yet to allow a team to put points on the scoreboard, and while we know that won't last forever, it is for now a colossal driving factor for them. Still, they have Alta and Bingham coming up within the next couple of weeks who are know as "farming leagues" since all the boys there apparently play practically from birth. It will be interesting to see what happens... I know the coaches will be running some tough practices this week.

Nevertheless, win or lose boys, we will all be there cheering for you on the sidelines. (Granted, some of us MUCH louder than others!)

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