Monday, September 1, 2008

There is no accounting for taste...

Have you ever seen "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" with Guy Fieri on Food Network? He travels all over the country visiting "classic greasy spoon spots." We watched an episode the other day where he happened to be in Utah at a cool-looking burger joint called "The Burger Bar." They not only boast the best burgers, (of course, doesn't everyone?) but also some of the biggest burgers... one guy finished off an 8-patty burger in just minutes. (Gross!)

Anyway, to say Mike (Sr) was enthralled with the place would be an understatement, so we decided to travel up to Roy and try out this so called burger heaven. (Thankfully, it was only 10 minutes away from Mum and Dad, so we could drop in and say hello and not just be travelling an hour to get a burger!)

First impressions... there was a crowd, but the food smelled decent. It was literally a roadside bar, so there were no tables or chairs to eat at... however, they did have a few stone benches you could sit on to wait for your order which was subsequently eaten in your car.

At first sight, it looked like a pretty good deal. A "Big Ben" burger and fries was only about $5, but then you had to buy a drink (if you didn't want to choke on your meal), which ran it about $6.50 per person. (Still not too bad of a deal.) After about a twenty minute wait, we retrieved our food and went to the car to evaluate the merchandise.

We all agreed that the patty itself was nothing to write home about. It was a patty. Nothing more, nothing less. It wasn't seasoned in any special way... it was just... there.

DeAnna and I had asked for a burgers with everything. We were a little disappointed to see that there was no cheese, tomato or onion on our burgers... (these ingredients pretty much make the burger for me. If they ain't there, it ain't a good burger.) It turns out if you want tomato on your burger it is 50c per tomato slice... (SAY WHAT???? With the size of the burger, I would estimate it would have taken at least three slices to cover the patty.) "The Works" according to the burger bar is fry sauce, lettuce, and pickles. (Basically a big mac minus the cheese and onions.)

Mike Sr & Jr like their burgers plain, with just mustard and ketchup. They were pretty stingy on the ketchup much to Mike Sr's dismay, but when he went to get some from the counter, they wanted to charge 75c PER PACKAGE. For ketchup??? Who does that??? They will give you ten tubs of fry sauce free, but they want to charge you for ketchup! Well, that pretty much ticked him off and he sat and ate his burger dry just "out of principle"... in disgust.

The fries were "double-fried" which meant nice and crispy... good texture, no flavor.

So all in all, the burger bar was not all it was hyped up to be in our opinion. Definitely not worth going out of your way for. Basically it boils down to pretty bland food drenched in fry sauce at OK prices... if you can do without toppings! We only give The Burger Bar two out of five daisies.

(Next time, we will just go to Fudd's. We are NEVER disappointed there... and guess what? It has all you can eat ketchup!)

**And to our good friend CH, (you know who you are!)... STOP READING! BLOGS ARE FOR GIRLS ;)**


R Clan said...

Obviously you were SUCKERED INTO ANOTHER FOOD NETWORK SCAM!!!! You could have spent time eating at the Hotton's for free and I will show you how to make a Burger. I Can't stop reading your blog, I need a good laugh at your families escapades. PLus, it helps to control my waist line. I've got to watch my figure you know! CH

Musings from Me said...

I often wonder about the venues chosen for those Food Network shows. Each one seems so random. I suppose the network execs want the down homey quality rather than chain restaurants. Paying for ketchup is ridiculous.

I am a Brit, also. I am from Manchester. Arrived here in 1983. Married a guy from Maryland. Have three kids.

MaryBeth said...

Ooh, those dirty dogs...making you think you were getting something good. Seriously, free fry sauce, but not ketchup?! Ridiculous. Screw them...wait, can I say that on your blog?

Denise said...

Blogs aren't just for girls!!! (But, I wonder why I can't get my husband to read mine:)