Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's how you play the game...

... and the Cowboys played a horrible game Sunday. Of all of the games for them not to bring it, I don't know why it had to be this one. I am thinking that perhaps they felt sorry for the Redskins, or maybe they just wanted to give them some false hope for the remainder of the season? Whatever it was, it left me sorely disappointed. They are better than that! Sorry, but truth is that the Redskins in no way played an overly spectacular game... we just plain sucked!

I am just wondering, did any of our defense show up for the game? Because it looked like a bunch of high school kids out there in Cowboys jerseys up against the Reskins' line. The defense has been a weak spot all year having forced only two turnovers in four games I think??? Guys... you gotta pull it together.

And while we are talking about defense... how does NO-ONE notice that there are 12 men on the field? For as much money as the defensive coordinators are making, shouldn't they at least be able to count? And what about the actual players? Did they not notice that that someone else was on the field playing the exact same position as them? THEY WERE STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER for heavens sake!

Now I don't want the offense to not get some of this love, so let me just say; Tony, Tony, Tony... thank you Mr. Romo for throwing yet ANOTHER interception. It just wouldn't be a Cowboys game if you didn't do that! Dude, you have such potential... just STOP CHOKING!!!

And could someone please tell me the name of the ref that can't see a blatant face mask that literally happens five feet in front of him? How can you not call that? Either get some glasses or find another job!

The only thing that did amuse me was to see the Redskins after the game though. You would have thought they won the Superbowl! So typical of the Redskins. I guess when you are playing the Cowboys though, you have to consider it a big win... they are generally pretty awesome!

We refer to Redskins Fans as "fair-weather fans" in our house... because no one admits to liking them unless they are winning. Having lived on the border of Washington DC for most of my life, I have seen the so-called-fans ditch their team in their hour of most desperate need. I can guarantee that you fans will be crawling out of the closet to comment on this post though... :) However, you better get it in while you can, because I foresee your moment of glory being very short lived. The cockiness in me has to say that I think we will kick your butts on November 16th.

So all you fake Redskins fans... don't start celebrating quite yet. We will be back, and hopefully we'll actually have it together for our next game. And until then... I will be rooting for any team playing against you... starting with Philly this week. Now bring on your comments!!!! ;)


MaryBeth said...

You sound like what most people sound like when their team loses a game they shouldn't. They lost. The Redskins were better. Suck it up.

Denise said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. The Cowboys are the best team on the planet...blah, blah, blah. I honestly couldn't care about the silly sport, but if I have to pick a team it would NOT be Dallas. Sorry. I'm tired of things from Texas.

*~Petra~* said...

Marybeth... did you even read the first five paragraphs of my blog? I can't suck it up much more than that!!! I KNOW they sucked on Sunday.

Doesn't change how I feel about the skins though... or their faux-fans.

Please don't tell me YOU are one of them... I actually like you! ;)

And Denise... how can you not have a team? Doesn't your husband watch football?!?

MaryBeth said...

The only reason I watched the game was because it came on after the Cardinals, which I do watch all the time. I really don't care either way about football...just wanted to make you squirm :)

R Clan said...

You are crackin' me up. I thought it was bad in my family when the Cougars lose. Maybe I need to bring you some chocolate to help sooth your aching soul. :)

hdknowles said...

I am not a fair weather Redskins fan. I was going to send you a sympathy card, but when I saw this post, I decided to write instead. There was another face mask call the refs missed, on our side, so I call it even. I think the reason the players were so excited after the game is that for the last week, all that has been written in DC is how Dallas would win the game and by how much. This is a rivalry that goes back to my earliest memories of it in the '60s, when they used to play each other on Thanksgiving Day. And we are all learning a new "West Coast" game plan, which we are not used to. Maybe a fluke, maybe not. We'll have to see after the next game in DC - where the fans are the 13th player on the team. Go Redskins! And yes, I feel your pain - we've been there many times before

Miss Dee said...

Ok you Dallas haters! You all WISH you could be a Cowboys fan! And yea yea, ya won by 2 points. Now you are going to win the Superbowl....right???? Anyways we got you in November again, and ya'll better be ready! Mmmhmm. mEsS wItH mE!

MaryBeth said...

So, what's gonna happen when you lose in November? I'm looking forward to your excuses then ;)