Monday, September 15, 2008

Babbling brooks are noisy...

…and so are adolescent children.

One of the things I absolutely LOVE about living in a house is the fact that there are three wonderful, completely separate levels. When we first moved in, Mike and I felt like we had literally died and gone to heaven. Gone were the days of trying to co-exist in a small, one level apartment with two quickly growing children. Suddenly we had more space than we knew what to do with and the peace… oh, the peace!

Let me clarify a little further. My kids are somewhat social beings, (we don’t know where they got that from, because we are pretty much hobbits), but they love to have their friends over. (If I could claim every kid I have fed a meal to this past year on my taxes, let’s just say we would be in super shape!) When we lived in our apartment that pretty much meant that Mike & I had to hide out in our bedroom when they had friends over since there was really no other place to go, but now we have this fabulous creation called a BASEMENT. The basement is where the big screen and video systems live. The basement is where my kids go when they have friends over… leaving Mike and I two liberating levels of space to exist in while they have their fun. (Life is good.)

So for the first time in our married life we had living with noisy kids down to a science. If they were in the basement, we stayed on the main or upper level. If they were on the upper level, we could go to the basement and watch a movie. With all that space, I never thought I would ever be bothered by my noisy adolescents again! (Hah!)

However, anyone who knows DeAnna knows she has a serious set of lungs on her! She does have an amazing voice. What you may not know though, is that she sings CONSTANTLY. (I was ESPECIALLY pleased that when my mum and dad left on their mission, my mum gave her a karaoke machine that had astonishingly loud speakers.) The one saving grace was that she was confined to where that karaoke machine was plugged in. Though we pretty much owned stock in ear plugs while living in our little apartment, things changed for the better once we moved here. If she was singing in her room, I could go down to the main level or basement and completely escape her strident practicing! (Ah, the genius of it all!)

But then one day my world came crashing around me when she purchased… (drum roll please)... a cordless microphone. Oh I tried to talk her out of it… I used the best arguments such as “DeAnna, those things are crap! The corded ones always work better”, and “Oh my heavens… you don’t want to waste $20 of your hard earned money on THAT!” not to mention “Imagine how much you will have to spend on batteries. They don’t last forever you know!” But my clever strategies were to no avail. She purchased the microphone, and my serenity has been forever lost. (Lucky me!) It doesn’t matter what level I am on… she blasts the speakers to the fullest and comes to serenade me… mostly Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus stuff, but she isn’t too fussy.

So now I am fortunate enough to know EVERY Miley Cyrus Song that has ever been put on a disk. While I have heard some of them a few too many times, I am almost ashamed to say that there are a few I like… and one actually got me thinking the other day. It is called “7 things” and in the song she names 7 things she hates about her guy, and then 7 things she likes… which got me thinking about things I like and hate. So here is the list I came up with… 7 things I hate and 7 things I love… not necessarily in that order.

  1. I LOVE the Twilight Series of books. But then, who doesn’t? If you don’t love them, you haven’t read them. (I have read the whole series at least 5 times through… maybe more… and if anyone is wondering, I was pulling for Edward!)
  2. I HATE soggy cereal. Uck! In my opinion there is nothing grosser. (It is because of sogginess that I really don’t eat cereal, but on the rare occasions that I do, I just pour a few tablespoons of milk over it then quickly drink it off before eating the cereal in record time.)
  3. I LOVE my chi. (Thank you my dear hubby for buying me this time saving, worth every dime hair straightener… when you have to be at work around 6am each morning, every second counts.)
  4. I HATE Dove deodorant. (See my Sept. 5th post.)
  5. I LOVE and HATE football season. I love watching the games and I love football food. However, I hate when the Cowboys lose and I have a grumpy husband for the rest of the week. (Current score tonight, 31-30 Dallas, but the Eagles are about to score.)
  6. (See #5)
  7. I LOVE Wendy’s new Strawberry Frosty Shakes. They are amazingly delicious.
  8. I HATE that they charge $3.19 for one… it’s a shake people, not a T-bone steak.
  9. I LOVE Aussie Instant Freeze hair spray. Yes, ladies of my youth… I no longer use Aqua Net… although there is a commemorative can in my bathroom just to make me laugh.
  10. I HATE people who drive while talking on a cell phone. Contrary to your beliefs, you are not good at multitasking. Please, put down your phone and DRIVE.
  11. I LOVE flip-flops. (But that’s a whole other post…)
  12. I HATE wasting money… especially on things like library fines or full price groceries… it bugs me if I feel like money I worked dang hard for was flushed down the toilet!
  13. I LOVE blogging. It is so therapeutic.
  14. I HATE cordless microphones (Just kidding DeAnna :))

So now I am tagging seven people to blog their 7 things they HATE & 7 things they LOVE… (but no people allowed… we already know you love your husband and your kids and your mom… be a little creative people.)

I tag Ruthanne, Jenna, DeAnna, Marybeth, Tammy, Denise and Annie. (I think they are probably the only 7 people that ever read my blog anyway!)


Tammy said...

i dont read your blog...i have a life...;)

Denise said...

I don't read your blog, either. I, too, have a life. :)

BTW, we just moved from our house in MD: 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 floor to our new house in MI: 4 bedrooms, an office, 3 bathrooms, a family room, and a basement. I know exactly what you are talking about. It really is heaven. Sorry about the microphone, though.

Denise said...

Where are you getting the amazing backgrounds? I love this one too.

*~Petra~* said... is the sight where I got the last two... I have also visited but I haven't used one of theirs yet. Mike liked this current one, and I have grown a bit attached to it so I think I will keep it for a while. :) (It reminds me of tropical places.)

The headers I always make in photoshop. The first website provides some plain templates to match the wallpaper you pick... then I just personalize it a bit with my own graphics and text.

...and btw, I am NOT ashamed to admit that I read all your blogs!!! :)

MaryBeth said...

Hey Petra! I did it and I even tried to make it worth reading. Now please back off ;)

R Clan said...

Maybe I will pretend that I didn't see this post. j/k I just updated with something else so give me a couple days to ponder my loves and hates.

couplabz said...

Good idea. I wasn't listed, but I'll think about the idea anyway ;).

The Hansen Clan said...

Sorry I'm late. I have been ill. And you KNOW what work has been like...anyway, will post them now!