Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rome wasn't built in a day...


That was the score today in Mike Jr's first official football game of the season. His team was unstoppable as they sacked, intercepted, and drove their way down the field for a total of 6 touchdowns. I have to say that honestly, watching these 11 year olds was much more fun than any professional game I have ever seen on TV! (And that includes last years awesome Superbowl...Giants Vs. Patriots!) It has been a brilliant experience to see these kids go from looking like they were going to pass out on the field at the first practice, to dominating the field with strength and endurance today. I was super proud of ALL of them!

The coaching staff of Mike's team is made up of a father and two sons, the Lisonbee family. I just cannot even begin to say enough good things about these guys. I have had the opportunity to watch quite a few other teams practice and play during the past month, and I am extremely impressed with Mike's coaches and their tactics with Mike's team. I can only hope he is lucky enough to have many coaches like them in the future, because they are certainly not the norm from what I have witnessed.

Mike is currently playing on the offensive line, which means he is getting quite a lot of time on the field. Although this is his first year playing, he has been successful in blocking and barrelling over whoever is put in front of him. If you ask him about his motivation, he will simply tell you, "I just pretend that it is DeAnna there and I just go after them!" (Nice to see all that brotherly-sisterly arguing produces something positive now and then!)

"Sous-coach" (Mike Sr) is well known among all the parents and kids due to his very vociferous nature. Today he was given the job of holding one of the first down markers at the side of the field, (which I personally think they did just to keep him out of the way), but do you think that kept him from screaming and shouting encouragement to the team from the sidelines? Noooooooo. It is official, he is the loudest parent on the field! (DeAnna and I just sit waaaaaaaaaay away from him and pretend we don't know him.) Everyone else on the other hand just seems to love him. One of the team manager moms even made a point of coming up to me at the game to tell me how much they all just ADORE him! Go figure!

All in all, for any of you out there considering putting your kid in football in the future, I would give it a thumbs up so far... I won't lie to you, most of the month of August is a little rough with the every day practices and such, but once you get through that and into the three times a week practices, it becomes more manageable.

Some of the good things that happen when you put your kid in football:

  • They don't eat so much junk... but not because of anything you have said... it is only because coach said so
  • There are no more late Friday night sleepovers in your basement... because Saturday is game day
  • The coach tells them that respecting their parents (and siblings), doing their homework and keeping their room clean are their first priorities... and if mom reports otherwise, they can't play
  • They are too exhausted... to be ornery
  • They have enough energy to run up and down the stairs when you need them to :)
  • You get extra love and props for showing up at their games



R Clan said...

We really should come to one of his games. We'll have to find out the dates and times.

Tammy said...

he has gotten so big! I love the pictures! it's hard to notice the football players with all the beautiful mountains in the background!

Denise said...

I'm sure I will post something similar to this soon. Jimmy is meeting us at Jackson's soccer practice today and I fear that he will be the loudest parent. Now that I know the hide out and pretend like you don't know him strategy, I'm not dreading it as much.

R Clan said...

Good Job Mike jr! But GO BIGHAM! CH