Friday, August 22, 2008

Necessity is the mother of invention...

I had a minor surgery on my toe yesterday which means it has to stay dry for a couple of days. That left me in a bit of a predicament... after all, there is NO WAY I am not taking a shower every day! Ugh!

Mike and I brainstormed several different methods for me to get clean. Here is what we came up with:
  1. Baby wipe bath? (No thanks! We reserve this only for emergencies... like girls camp.)

  2. Stand one leg in and one leg out of the shower? (Hello, this does not keep your foot dry!)

  3. Put your foot in a plastic bag and tourniquet it to your ankle with a rubber band? (Do I even need to explain why this would not be such a great idea?)

  4. Sit in the bath with one leg over the side?

I'm not a big fan of sitting in a pool of your own filth, but this seemed like the most logical, least accident prone method. Not to mention, I knew I could do the "fill the tub, drain the tub, re-fill the tub, and use fresh water running from the tap with a cup to wash my hair" thing!

I have to admit it was a little tricky and not very glamorous, but it was feasible and got the job done. However, there were a couple of lessons I learned that I figured I may as well pass along... just in case you find yourself in a similar predicament sometime in the future!

  1. Make sure you always shave before you go to the doctor. Trust me when I say it's much harder to do with one leg hanging over the side of the tub.

  2. Remember, the hot water in your water heater does eventually run out, especially if you are emptying and re-filling the tub, so let the kids take their shower first.

  3. Don't forget when you get in that you will also have to get out of the tub...

  4. Make sure you have towels in the bathroom BEFORE getting in.

  5. Contrary to what everyone tells you, DO NOT leave the door unlocked in case of emergency. Someone WILL come in! They can break down the door on the minuscule chance that you have some kind of problem. :)


Tammy said...

Mike is so handy, how about mike installing a shower head thing to the tub for you?? LOL! you are so good, I would have made everyone suffer with my stinky self for a while!

R Clan said...

I love my baths. I probably have had more showers lately than I have had baths though. Baths are my rest and relaxation time.

I wish you would have mentioned this to me because I could have helped you out in some way. That's what friends are for you know! Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!