Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's no use crying over spilt milk...

... but that's because milk is white! What if it is spilt Cafe Rio dressing (bright green), or better yet, spilt ketchup? Jenna and I went to lunch today and talked about this exact thing when I barely missed dripping fry sauce down my white t-shirt. We have all done it! Spilt something down our shirts while eating and then felt like a heel until we got home and changed our clothes.

Mike and I went on our very first date to a pizza parlor where he tried to talk me in to dipping my pizza in ketchup. I thought he was a little weird for suggesting that, but as I thought more about what I put ketchup on... fries, hot dogs, hamburgers... it made sense that I should at least try it. (After all, what is pizza but bread with cheese and some toppings? Not far from a hamburger really!)

I shook up the ketchup (because in my opinion, there is not much that is grosser than when the ketchup separates), and popped open the top. Next thing I know, I have bright red ketchup all over the front of my nice WHITE sweater. I am happy to inform you that I did not cry. In fact, I laughed... (What else can you do in this situation... it definitely could have been worse, I could have SAT in ketchup in WHITE pants), and Mike laughed with me and the rest is history. The spilt ketchup did not ruin my chances of winning the heart of the hottest man on the planet... so in hind sight, it would have been pretty silly to cry over it!

This past Friday Mike & I took the kids out to get some school supplies/clothes and we ended up at Cafe Rio... our favorite place to eat by the way! I had my normal Fire Grilled Steak Salad loaded with everything... including the very calorie ridden, green creamy tomatillo dressing. (Mmmmm... I am hungry just thinking about it!) As luck would have it, I once again dropped the dressing down my nice white t-shirt. I tried to scrub it out with napkins and water, but to no avail!

We were in the car, (and the stain was seriously bugging me because we still had some school shopping to do), when Mike remembered that he had put a tide pen in my car for just such an occasion! (What gives you the impression that this happens often?) So I grabbed it and started rubbing it over the stain. Did you know that when a tide pen sits in a hot car for an extended period of time that it goes off? (In other words, it smells like rotten milk.) So now not only did I have a stain, but I stank! When we got to Walmart, I ran to where the perfume was desperately seeking for a tester that I could spray on myself to mask the horrible odor. As luck would have it, I picked up a cheap imitation perfume, but by the time I had realized that it too smelled really bad, (and really strong), I had already sprayed it all over my shirt! Only then did DeAnna point out that I was wearing a light jacket which I could have just zipped up over the stain in the first place. (Thanks DeAnna! You are really helpful!) :)


Tammy said...

based on your last post about not being able to shower, is this one big cover up for you stinking so bad????

R Clan said...

We miss you guys! You crack me up! Please come play with us soon. I have DeAnna's slush I just need to come drop it off. Maybe you should come to dinner on Sunday????????

Denise said...

I am so sad reading about all of your Utah fun. I miss fry sauce, and don't get me started on Cafe Rio!