Saturday, August 9, 2008

Great oaks from little acorns grow... (for some!)

My really good friend Ruthanne planted a flower garden a few months ago. We just happened to drop by as they were working on it and I was super excited because I have ALWAYS wanted to plant flowers outside our home, but I... well, to put it nicely... I REALLY don't have a green thumb! (In fact, some would go as far as to say, I have the red thumb of death.)

Anyway, I was so happy for the opportunity to pick her brain about the kinds of plants that she was planting and how they grew... I even watched her plant them so I knew how far apart to put them etc... Needless to say, I went out the very next night and spent about $30 on Petunias, (a pretty safe bet as they supposedly spread like wildfire), to plant around our front yard.

Well... here we are about three months later... and here is a picture I took of Ruthanne's beautiful Petunias this morning when we went to their home for breakfast...

... and HERE is a picture of my Petunias, (which you must remember, were planted just a day or two after Ruthanne's.) DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!

Pathetic aren't they??

All is not lost though! A few weeks before the whole Petunia thing, I did actually buy some 10 cent seeds from Walmart.

Mike and I had a slightly heated discussion about the seeds, because I REALLY wanted red and yellow marigolds, but he was adamant that we were not having any Redskin colored flowers in our yard. As usual he won, so I ended up buying seeds for plain yellow marigolds.

The kids and I planted the seeds and almost forgot about them, but look what eventually popped up!

The picture doesn't do them justice, but yes, those are red and gold marigolds... much to Mike's dismay. (One of my kids must have planted this particular seed due to the fact that it actually grew.)

The good news is that Mike has not ripped them out of the ground. (I think he just feels sorry for me because the rest of the flowers look so dang sad.)

Kind of ironic that the 10 cent seeds were the ones that turned out the best, isn't it? (Bless my hubby for trying to convince me that we must have contaminated soil.)

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R Clan said...

I'm so sorry but I couldn't help but laugh. You are so funny! I really didn't think it was that bad. They are still pretty. Corey will have to tell you what he feeds them. We love you guys!