Saturday, August 2, 2008

The British are coming, the British are coming...!!!

Yet another installment of family has arrived in Utah. Fiona, Steve, George and Harry are here for a month! Woohoo!

True to form, my husband has already started teaching the new kids on the block all of his tricks. Did you know that you can make very genuine farting sounds by putting a straw under you arm in just the right position and blowing through the other end? It's true!

Furthermore, the straw can be inconspicuously hidden under your shirt with just the small end protruding out for a more authentic looking experience.

After just a quick practice, the boys were ready to try out their new found skills on the public. As we all walked around the Walmart at Jordan Landing, little did we know that the boys were walking down isles, bending over to pick things up off the lower shelves, and discreetly blowing through the straws as unsuspecting customers walked by. It was reported that they received many Ohhhhh's and Ewwww's until their horrified mother put a stop to it all.

We really wish we could have had a hidden camera to share with you the shocked expressions of the unsuspecting victims during this escapade, but alas, you will have to settle for the late show which was performed especially for Nana and Pops at the mission home.

The public thanks you sweetie!


R Clan said...

It's about time. Thanks for sending us your link. It is very cute. Corey and I sat here and caught up on all your entries. Very cute! We really enjoyed reading and having a good laugh too. We love you guys!

MaryBeth said...

Hey you guys! Ok, I was cracking up about the straw farts. Seriously, all Mike needs now is a Bob's Big Boy and some loose pants and all will be right in the world again ;)