Friday, August 1, 2008

The bigger they are, the harder they fall...

Mike (Sr) camping? HA! I sure wish I could have been a fly on that tent!

The first time Mike went camping was with my family just before we got married. He and Dad shared one room of the tent while Jenna and I shared the other with Mum. When we talk about that trip the thing we all reminisce and have a good chuckle about is Mike waking up one morning to find himself in a puddle of water inside of the tent. All of us were completely dry, but he and his sleeping bag were practically floating. The sweetest thing about it all was that he didn't want to disturb anyone... so he just sat there on the wet sleeping bag twiddling his thumbs with his legs crossed until we all woke up. What a trooper!

Other than the father/son camp out now and then, (which is just one night), he has not done any serious camping EVER. So needless to say, I was excited for him and Mike (Jr) to have a few days together in the wild with Jesse Johnson and the other scouts in our ward. :)

Everyone at camp knew that Mike (Jr) took a bit of a nasty spill while they were there. He bruised himself up a bit when he was playing man hunt, and tripped over a rock.

What the other campers were not aware of though, (unless of course they are now reading this post... sorry dear), was that Mike (Sr) had an accident while he was at camp too! He was chopping wood with the axe, and missed the wood completely. He did not however miss his knee cap, and the axe sliced all the way through his pants and put quite a large gash in his knee.

Mike, not wanting to draw any attention to the fact that he is a non-camper who doesn't even know how to chop wood correctly, (don't worry sweetie, I will ask Krista Marler to give you lessons... she was our super wood-cutter at girls camp, and I am positive SHE knows the correct stance for chopping wood), walked quietly away from the view of any of the other campers and treated himself inconspicuously with the first aid kit in the back of our car. It was not until the ride home later that afternoon that he confessed to Mike and Sala what he had done. Personally, I was just completely relieved that it wasn't any worse than it was!

They did in the end have a wonderful time eating dutch oven dinners, listening to ghost stories and playing manly games. (Ar, Ar, Ar.) Nevertheless, I can report that Mike (Sr) did say he wouldn't be signing up to go camping again any time in the near future!

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