Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Never put off tomorrow what you can do today...

There is NEVER a time that we go to Auntie Jenna's house where the kids come back dry. Sometimes it is a water balloon fight, sometimes they just start tossing cups of water at each other... and almost ALWAYS, someone just turns on the sprinklers. (I don't know how their lawn can look as dry and crusty as it does!) One of these days we will actually remember to take an extra set of dry clothes with us so we can keep the INSIDE of Jenna's house a bit drier.

We can all learn a lot from Jenna. She lives completely in the moment. If the kids want to dance with music, she turns it on. If they want to make cookies, it happens right then. If they want to play at the park, she drops everything. Much to my kids chagrin, my favorite phrase is "we'll do it later." I am gonna try to do better at that... I don't want to have any regrets. Meanwhile, my kids will always love that at least Auntie Jenna is spontaneous :)

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