Thursday, July 31, 2008

Early to bed and early to rise...

DeAnna didn't want to stay home alone while the boys were away at camp, so we had "take your daughter to work day." I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for her to really see and appreciate the tremendous sacrifices I make for Mike and herself on a daily basis by getting up at 5am each morning and working my butt off for eight long, grueling hours before returning home (completely drained mentally of course), only to take care of their every need before finally retiring to bed!

Yeah. No. That didn't really happen.

Here is how DeAnna will probably view a typical day in the life of her mother for the rest of her existence:
  • I get to watch the beautiful sunrise over the Wasatch mountains each day as I drive in to work. (OK, well this one is true.)
  • I get to have as many FREE milky-way chocochinos each day as I like. (She had three by the way... and only stopped there because I cut her off.)
  • There is a fantastic vending machine which I can pull donuts, chips, or candy bars out of whenever I fancy one. (Yeah, because anyone who knows me knows that I would DEFINITELY spend four times the shelf price for any of those items... NOT!!!)
  • Auntie Jenna brings me in food if I forget lunch.
  • I get to play on an adding machine all day. (She loves those things... especially the ones like mine which print on paper... kooky girl.)
  • I have the coolest co-workers ever. (Yeah, well there ARE some pretty cool people in the office.)
  • Soda's only cost 50 cents at the office. (Never mind that I don't DRINK soda.)
  • I can go and write funny things all over Jenna's white board if I get bored. (Um... no comment on this one.)
In fact, the only thing she didn't LOVE was that everyone kept telling me there was a "mini-me" running around the office. :) (Hmmm... we have NEVER heard THAT one before.)

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